Update – New Years Eve, 2017.

Core metrics: Capability-To-Create-Utility, Comfort, Intensity

Core Question: “What comfort expanding task, if completed, would most increase my CTCU–and how will I complete it?”

This blog isn’t just to expand my comfort zone, as I originallys tated on July 27th, 2013. This is to make necessary action (whatever that may be) “trained” into my very being–as a result of the character built by these “comfort expanding tasks”.

Where any resistance between the stimulus to right action, and the response of right action, is whittled away to nothing–for an immediate right result–whatever that may be.

Original Mission

This blog exists to expand the comfort zone all the time–regardless of how I feel about it. This allows me to grow and evolve the world to then create more value than ever conceived possible… which expands the joy and bliss that humanity can experience.

Another way to look at it: My goal is to make the tasks so uncomfortable that it makes you uncomfortable just to read it.

Ultimate Vision Update – 22-Dec, 2017 update for this web log. Extend the below vision to the end of my life. This needs to be done continuously until I die.

Ultimate Vision for this web log: Commit to expanding comfort zone by completing actions at an “anxiety” intensity of 7 or higher every day for the next 90 days (from July 27, 2013)–which means measuring the posts intensity. You’ll see the current day’s intensity relative to the rest on a line chart on the page titled “Intensity Tracker.”

This slightly-subjective chart allows both of us to get a feel on how much we’re REALLY developing… because it’s the tasks that suck the most that cause us to grow.



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