An aquarium with a koopa shell and hidden koopa in it.

Make it happen please.

Then name your price. I’ll literally buy it.


Stop watching: YouTube

Observation: Hours and hours of YouTube

Hypothesis: If I do nothing other than stop YouTube entirely, except for Dan Kennedy’s Wealth Attraction seminar, I’ll make money this week.

Experiment: No more YouTube this week and month, except for Dan Kennedy’s Wealth Attraction.



Observation 1: Watched Dodger and Cry play video games all day.

Observation 2: No TotM done for sales or copywriting.

Observation 3: No appointments made or even people contacted.


Hypothesis 1: My irrationally long penis… err I mean my irrational consumption of YouTube videos results from a negative use of Cialdini’s Influence principles.

Hypothesis 2: Fear of unknown and ambiguous


How will I prove this false or true?

Break commitment to  it. Imagine that everyone is doing the Theater of the Mind experiment. Like myself as a salesman-prospector. Doubt the length of time I have to get appointments. Authoritatively tell myself to enjoy the Theater of the mind.

Copywriting and Sales Self Image Improvement


Haven’t made a million dollars yet.


If I devote 30 minutes a day to improving my copywriting skill AND 30 minutes a day to improving my sales ability through Psycho-Cybernetics’s theater of the mind, will I make the $200,000 in sales for Dan by Dec 31, 2014?


One 60-60-30 a day. First 10 minutes prep the TotM experience. 30 mins of TotM.No moving from a spot is allowed. Nothing besides nature sounds or Mike Oldfield is allowed. One cup of coffee is permitted. 10 mins improving the TotM experience–Psycho-Cybernetics on Psycho-Cybernetics. Ten minute break repeat for other skill, Cw or Sales.

The REAL Reason You’ve Succumbed To Fear In The Past

Fear enables an acid-like, turning situation in your gut. Your legs feel like stone. The vision blurs. An almost screeching-like static coats the edge of your vision. But not in an obvious way. Like in a subliminal way–such as the ‘buy popcorn’ way movie theaters experimented with.

Maybe you write down the experience in your journal, hoping it’ll pass through observation. Maybe you use an anchoring technique from NLP or Tony Robbins. Maybe your just do the thing you fear, so that the death of fear is certain. Or maybe you just sit around, watching fear transmogrophy into regret–the heavy, poisonous feeling of possible pleasure gone forever.

Whatever you do. In most cases, there’s a thing you do that makes it so much harder on yourself. An it’s ironic because it IS what you need to think like when you handle your fear: simple.

Fear often comes from the unknown. But regardless of fear, it usually stems from the feeling that it’s too much. We won’t be able to do it because there’s too many moving parts.

“Complexity is the enemy of action,” as Tony Robbins says in an interview with Joe Polish. If that’s the case, then we can reasonably deduce that:

Simplicity = Action, and
Action = Confidence (or death of Fear)

Granted, there are thousand variables I’ve yet to tell you about. I know for a god-damned fact that THIS ALONE WILL NOT HELP YOU.

But you must do this whenever overwhelmed by fear. You must simplify what you’re trying to do. Our brains, while magnificent, IS limited in the regard of how many things we can focus on AND reasonably act on.

Final tip: Focus on simplifying ACTIONS and PAYOFFS.

Will You Make $10,000 7 Days From Now By Making 30 Decisions In The Next 2 Hours?

(Original Post:


Haven’t done this yet.


If I make 30 decisions in the next hour–and ask the leverage questions once every 3 waking hours, then I will feel more relaxed and make $10,000 in the next 7 days.


1. Ask, “What are all the decisions I need to make?” and write them down in the form of questions. — Alternatively, just answer questions from ‘Day Scripter 4000’
2. Write down the answers to these questions right next to the questions.
3. Ask “How is not using the best and highest use of my time and energy more painful than using the best and highest use of my time and energy?” once per 3 hour segment (if awake): 00:00 to 03:00, 03:00 to 06:00, 06:00 to 09:00, 09:00 to 12:00, 12:00 to 15:00, 15:00 to 18:00, 18:00 to 21:00, and 21:00 to 00:00

How To Set Yourself Apart In The Marketplace–Here Are 20 Proven USP’s You Can Use

20 USP’s You Can Use To Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors–And Increase Sales!

No B.S. / Cut-the-shit / No holds barred
$75 worth of 80/20 software tools
Secrets–better when from specific source
– – – – –
‘The world’s greatest financial minds’ from Tony Robbin’s bestselling Money: Master The Game.

‘Distilled wisdom of distinguished men of wealth and achievement’ from Napoleon Hill’s best-selling Think and Grow Rich.
– – – – –
Sexy (-ier than you)… and available (but just out of reach)
– – – – –
Think about your childhood crush for a moment–what was so special about her again? You’ll probably find that this is the USP.)
– – – – –
Helped millions
Ph.D (in some cases)
Better proof / evidence (ex: SPIN Selling)
Host of the party
Foreword from notable men
Easy Acronym
Jingle / Unique use of 8 intelligences to convey promise
More trustworthy
More likeable
Better service
More authority/certainty than you and your competitor
FIRST! (Psycho-Cybernetics and Think And Grow Rich and How To Win Friends And Influence People are each firsts of it’s kind, I believe.)