12/30/15 – I converted this site from a “dating/general” one to a “business” one. I’ll keep to business-related uncomfortable tasks. Also, for the 2-post a day format, here’s what’s going to happen:

  • In the past, I’ve had an ‘ignition post’ and a ‘finish post’. The ignition post declares the uncomfortable task to do. The finish post declares what was done and in what quality (‘how it was done’).
  • Now, ignition posts will be finish posts, and finish posts will also be ignition posts. The finish posts for uncomfortable tasks will ignite a comfortable, rejuvenating one. The ignition posts for uncomfortable tasks will complete the comfortable, rejuvenating task. In short, I’ll start a task out with: Comfort Done, Discomfort Start. I’ll end a task with: Discomfort Done, Comfort Start.