“Distraction” Sounds Like “Destruction”

You need to know what your distractions are… before you can begin to destroy them.

(This is being updated with solutions after 1.5 years!!! ūüėÄ ) E$M, 3.25.16

Question: What are all the possible distractions I[-ing]’ll face in the context of the goal I[-ing] hold most vividly in my mind? of achieving an million dollars ecologically before 3.25.16?

Fri 5/29/2015

  1. “Not feeling like it” – Snap fingers, smile, associate with one of the ‘feel gooders’ on list… leverage
  2. Worrying about my teeth – Floss, order Blue Ice Cod LIver Oil; plan further along on my ideal diet; ask my parents for help; do what I* just wrote down… get ideal diet in mah brain and make it happen.
  3. Expending energy determining whether to do the PFC ritual or not – Just do it at the first sign of weakness… even if it was done before… the state boost’ll prove worth the interruptions…
  4. Parents coming down and making a request of me – Immediately define what identity to accept… do the ‘How to associate only with the most important 5 people in my life while dissociating with the rest?’
  5. Procrastinating with my CW assignments – FP my 80/20-Parkinson’s/Leverage ability… ¬†get things done more quickly… especially when it involves day-scripting…
  6. Inadequacy – While looking at Ideal Aaron/Eulogy/100 Deets, FP my self-image; really embody the new me…
  7. Overwhelm – Decide what results’s most important to me, why I-ing want, and how I*’ll pull it off no matter what…. i.e. prioritize… and posteriorize… useful/not useful… add beauty/truth
  8. Associating pain to day-scripting (What is day-scripting really?) – Get a day-planner… or just use my calendar… Belief that “Tomorrow starts today” (I.e. Evening power questions)
  9. Poor state management/posture/representations – Snap fingers, do PFC, breathe deeply;
  10. Lack of vision; fogginess – “What’s most important to me as a result?”; visit eulogy; visit vision statements; visit E$M deets;

Tue 5/26/2015

  1. Fump, fump, fump – Reassociate to my mentors… ‘What’s the next repeat representation in the mentor exercise?’
  2. Phone light – Put the phone on airplane mode and put it away
  3. Phone notifications – Put the phone on airplane mode and put it away
  4. Requests from other people – Make 50 requests/demands on myself so that I-ing don’t even consider other people’s agendas.
  5. Email – Hire an assistant to go through my stuff daily and send me important e-mail…
  6. Insignificance – Dominate the mentors table… rehearse ruthlessly in my mind the skills I-ing need to move forward…
  7. Lies that the habit isn’t worth building any more… loss of urgency for improving and developing a habit – Devote 5 minutes each day to¬†FP-ing¬†the UI -> EC process
  8. Poor processes for managing people – Design a process for day-scripting, establishing businesses…
  9. Over-reliance on Dan – Ask, “Why I-ing rely on Dan so much?” and find ways to replace what he produces…
  10. Incompetence ¬†– Find people who have competence, and find out how they got really good…
  11. Relying too much on Dan for leadership – Ask ‘What I-ing want/need from Dan as a leader?” and give the answers to myself.

Mon 5/25/2015

  1. Yondere YouTube videos – Experience some entertaining scene within my E$M goal.
  2. Bored or feeling non-progress with past habit, so I-ing focus on other habits for that immediate boost… instead of sticking with one habit 100% – Anytime I-ing feel a desire to go onto a new habit, do something else, I-ing set an anchor at the beginning of each week with what I-ing want to work on. I-ing ask myself, whenever the temptation for variety comes up, “How is X result for my habits significantly more important than what I-ing want to work on now? What’s the next repetition?”
  3. Too much stuff/clutter – What’s a successful environment out? Answer with a decision and action.
  4. Too much stuff unprocessed – Process the stuff for the E$M with a temporary elimination pile… put everything not related to E$M into a bag and into a closet… away from me.. and process only E$M things… then organize those things… also ask “What’s not organized yet” and to the organized out things for those cards and baggies.
  5. Scrambling, loud, ego-obsessed thought – Decide to diminish the importance of the thoughts… represent the thoughts as transparent and shrinking to nothing for most cases… if something really does strike me as important… imagine me writing it down later or just it down then shrink it/transparent it down to presence.
  6. Death/violence/bleeding stuff on the web – Decide to stay away from these sources as much as possible… and set my mind-body to remain in parasympathetic mode most of the time… so I-ing have the energy to deal with the BS that comes up… remain present…
  7. Sexually tense encounters – “Ask how can I-ing leverage this energy to its highest potential today/this week/this month/this year no matter what and enjoy the process?”… use it… transmute it efficiently into effect ends. .
  8. Love voids – Ask “Appreciate love and guidance” question after the Tony Robbins exercise, during the mentor exercise (along with gratitude contribution) and make sure the Great Mentors are real to me… feel myself evolving my feelings of love in my imagination.
  9. Negative people with powerful belief fields, intentions molding me into something outside of my goal… Remain present… Imagine the good in them, imagine the lessons, imagine the utility… how I-ing can use these ‘negative people with powerful belief fields’ as a powerful way to become ‘the ideal Aaron who’s a result, a purpose in and of himself’. Really use these opportunities as ways to evolve to this identity and actual manifestation of who I-ing can be.
  10. Ineffective superego… Constantly imagine a better environment, what and who I-ing want in that environment, where I-ing am at, observe the terrain between where I-ing am and where I-ing’ll be, what vehicle and gas I-ing’ll need… etc… get myself to the place and move ass…

Wed 12/18/2013 (Updated with solutions on 5/25/2015!!)

  1. Too many books on the bookshelf – Put every book in the closet except for the one I-ing am currently using
  2. Tabs open – Write down sub-purposes on a sheet of paper, save the tabs to a folder with the names of these purposes… only open them when the sub become main
  3. Wanting to finish a YouTube video when the timer rings off to get back to work – Believe in punctuality… regain and build and feed my id of a punctual person
  4. Watching YouTube videos РEither watch relevant videos to my purpose, or gain love through god and success  material because I-ing need my brain 100% aligned to goal
  5. Feeling insecure about whether I’m getting the info out of a book or not – Focus on the ‘next result’ and the ‘next representation’… get the desired info, and repeat in my mind over and over again ONE skill based on the goal
  6. Insecurity about what a mentor will think of me – Evolve the body-language, expressive detail of the mentors in my imagination… go through each insecure situation, and imagine the perfect outcome
  7. My parents – Upgrade ID out… what’s the concentrated, focused identity/environment out?
  8. Feeling inadequate – Imagine myself with posture and extreme competence… ask, “What am I-ing not adequate for yet?” and then ask “What’s the outstanding out?” and do the out.
  9. Not practicing my skill–whether it be advertising or coding – Imagine results of a thoroughly practiced and competent skill… what states would that allow me to feel, then imagine what the next repetition to get these results and competence is–ask “What the next repetition is” while focusing on the result until I-ing’ve logged 20 hours… do this in a week.
  10. Focusing on how my parents mistreated me – Attach an empowering, concentrating meaning to it and get myself focused on how my-ing Great Mentors are treating me and evolve my contributions of gratitude and focus on them.
  11. Looking at my open wardrobe–not having it clean sorted, and minimized – Buy 5 sets of the same high quality shirts, pants, shoes… only when I-ing have my suit will I-ing focus on the tie or not..

Thurs 12/19/13

  1. Just wanting to zone out and watch YouTube videos – Get in touch with my feelings… ask ‘what’s good about this’… ‘what can I-ing learn from this’… and ‘how can I-ing use this’… use known strategies for meeting the need more succinctly and delivering the result I-ing want while hyper-evolving toward E$M.
  2. My parents fighting – Purchase more earplugs… leave when they get rowdy… go to Tim Horton’s… get so good at conflict resolution/NAC that this never becomes an issue again?
  3. Fussing with Pandora (Getting the station loaded, checking out what song’s playing) – Eliminate Pandora for Relaxtopia, music study project, game music, or Radiohead
  4. Taking Sugar out – Get my own place where a dog isn’t an option… don’t get in the sphere of Sugar… or just be in the vicinity when I-ing’m on break.
  5. Having to pee – Use pee-ing as an opportunity to evolve the current habit or skill I-ing want to improve… (Note: Overwhelm, so many choices for behavior improvement… could be a market to focus on… a day in 5 minutes of time… 1 second per page of the book…)
  6. Spending money on driving to Detroit without my mother’s financial help – FP the profit activators and really make a lot of money… when I-ing do the prepared Q’s, future pace it–play the experiences fully, but with me-ing preparing differently
  7. Cleaning and organizing too much – Imagine myself improving my USP… getting more and better positioned in the market place with a better and more unique need.
  8. Messy bedroom (parodox!) – Spend 20 minutes a day to improve it’s condition…
  9. Getting too caught up on any specific facet of code–at least without barraging it with a fusilage of different techniques for comprehension – Do the Jay Abraham, FP exercise with coding within 20 minutes… get a better process going and imagine myself behaving perfectly with coding or anything.
  10. Not keeping the bigger picture in mind to pull me through life – Consistently improve my vision for the end of humanity, the end of my life, the end of my mentor’s lives, my business’s life, and so on… evolve it… and develop more empowering meanings for myself.
  11. Not having WUP totally and entirely installed with the maximum energy retained and concentrated for the highest possible purpose – Look through all my stressors… ask ‘what’s the rejuvenating out?’ and construct rituals from that… (ex: oversleeping & erratic sleep schedules ¬†-> Clear definitions of sleep schedules, what awake means… what mission I-ing need to connect each morning…) …additionally, construct rituals from “What makes me my greatest?” … later we’ll concern ourselves with productivity… and increasing our ability to focus…
  12. (Bonus) Forgetting to turn the timer on at all times… – Turn the timer on for most things… keep time tracked for stuff…
  13. Also: Not having an automatic 60-60-30 timer. (Build one) – Just use LoopTimer

Friday 12/20/13

  1. Going to Kristin’s for X-mas – Passed.
  2. Frustration with enumerations – Forget it
  3. Going upstairs – Everything’s basically down here now… focus on getting my own place… also, get my own fridge…
  4. Dehydration – I-ing am drinking a gallon of high-pH water a day now… need to move on to healthy and powerful food…
  5. Focusing on one source for enumerations instead of many sources – Focus purely on my learning of stuff like this… imagine myself improving and use better ways of looking at the stuff..
  6. Vibing on a lower level – Could be useful… double my energy in general though…
  7. Contacting Paul less than once daily – Contact him less than monthly…
  8. Women – “How to infuse this sensation, this energy, this emotion into faster, higher quality completion of my current projects?”
  9. Doing things with no specific outcome in mind – Always behave… albeit consciously… with precursory outcomes and purpose. OPA stuff.
  10. Dirty environment – Massively sift through everything and create an image with the max # of useless things eliminated… devote 20 minutes daily to this image.


  1. Coffee (Specifically drinking half of it and then interrupting the rest of the work hour with sips of the rest ūüė¶ ) – NAC the assignment… get an image of the end result, the action… make sure pleasure is associated to the process and pain to not getting it… think about what needs to be done and ask ‘How do I-ing make this happen no matter what?’
  2. Feeling bad because someone won’t call me – Think of past conversations going perfectly… getting failure reduced to a formula, and success reduced to a formula… seeing myself avoiding the first while implementing massively the second… constantly rehearsing rejected situations turning out lovingly/perfectly
  3. Thinking about a stupid text I sent – FP it… Address the required need behind it, and ask what’s the needs-met, secure out… rehearse the answer to this question in associated form.
  4. Not properly learning the underlying concepts behind something I’m trying to tackle – Get myself to ask consistently ‘what don’t I-ing know’ and ‘How can I-ing ¬†understand the system as a whole, not just my perspective of the system’ by making these questions (and R2A2) a part of my system…
  5. Getting overly perfectionistic whenever I get stressed – Being a powerful person surrounded with rejuvenators so that I-ing absolutely contribute 1,000% to whatever result I-ing seek.
  6. Feeling emotionally non-optimal (e.g. In an apathetic state) – PFC
  7. Too much YouTube – PFC and shut wireless off for 3 hours.
  8. SUGAR–It has a very negative influence on my “biochemistry” – Begin associating pain to (processed) sugar and pleasure to raw health and vitality… getting flavor through Truvia and Stevia.
  9. Breaking commitments – Learn from the processes… extract seeds of an equivalent or a greater benefit… imagine the seeds with a coat of fertilizer, shot up in the air, and multiplied into a 1,000,000 pieces… so the fully-grown tree with its fruit, wood, oxygen, leaves, beauty, sturdiness… exists in every area of my life, so that it’s most likely there when I-ing need it.
  10. Forgetting to update my Excel spreadsheet – Rehearse in my mind that I-ing am the kind of person who likes to know what the numbers are, where he’s at… yet, more importantly the numbers of high quality time, quality produced… usefulness… beauty…


  1. Chris/Parents – Left.
  2. Shrooms/Drugs/Inebriation – Absolutely dissociate with Paul. That shit is absolutely lower than my standards. Fuck that. Treat this as a cry for help.
  3. Spreading himself too thin – Find absolutely ONE important project to complete today… and hold myself to the one… imagine myself taking great pleasure in ruthlessly honing in on one and experiencing delight as I-ing single-focus until the task is complete.
  4. Clutter on his desktop – Stay away…
  5. Paul wanting to stay in his own place – Fine.
  6. Leaving distractions in “the shadow” instead of acknowledging them – Do what I-ing am doing… imagine myself rehearsing these ‘outs’ daily, rehearse them daily, and establish signals..
  7. Letting our shadow selves dwindle without each of us knowing it – As ‘what my strengths are, and how do I-ing improve them?’ ‘What my weaknesses are and how do I-ing get someone with strengths in these areas to cover me?’
  8. Dogs barking – Enter the present… acceptance and allowing the content as they are while entering and admiring the world from the ever-Now.
  9. Children crying – Get away from it, enter presence, or enter presence and do something about it… ask questions… really attempt to understand the crying children and help them.
  10. Trying to do everything ourselves instead of seeking the help of others – Ask ‘who’s help do I-ing really want/need?’ and devise a ¬†plan to get this person working with me.

I cried for 8 hours… Couldn’t move when you left Kalamazoo… (Wow this was a long time ago… need to do this exercise for everything in game)


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