FP12-to-Goal (2633 hours to FP-day)

Past Comfort Expanding Task:

“Create a 4-10 detail deep hypothesis of what will produce the most sales, the most value for the end-user, and what can reasonably achieve $25M in revenue in 5 years. (ST: 1930; ET: 2000) Then 2) develop the best way to strike this hypothesis down (Side Note: experiments are SOP’s) (ST: 2015; ET: 2100). Side Quest: What will make the most difference in the world? Where can I* create the biggest difference, the greatest value?). Then 3) Subconscious and Japanese fluency work. (ST-S: 1745, ET-S: 1825; ST-J: 1830; ET-J: 1900)”

Done: 3/5 (xxx?)
Quality: 3/5 (xxx?)
Speed: 0/5 (xxx?)
Concentration: 2/5 (xxx?)
Force: 4/5 (xxx?)

FP -> Comfort Expansion:

Good: Got the blog post up; got the blog post SOP up; got a worthy thing up;

CP: When to start; how to manage my energy; where to write everything down;

Even Better: Do the explicit needs thing; See where I*’m losing the most energy and work on that; go through WUP 2.0

Not-So-Good: Didn’t even get a single hypothesis up; afraid; didn’t get the explicit needs of the task written; should make that part of each dev

Different: Whenever I* write the task down, write 3 explicit needs it meets; also, consider asking ‘What order could I* create with this?’

Past Recovery Task:

Devote 30 minutes to hanging out with my mentors and figuring out who my top 5 are.

Done: 0/5 (xxx?)
Quality: 0/5 (xxx?)
Speed: 0/5 (xxx?)
Concentration: 0/5 (xxx?)
Force: 0/5 (xxx?)

FP -> Recovery:

Good: To do a noble task that will provide me with the highest consciousness boost imaginable.

CP: How to use the mentors; how much faith to put into it; how to balance faith and doubt; where each becomes useful; how to feel about life; how to follow through;

Even Better: Do it.

Not-So-Good: No explicit needs ID’d for this; unaware of the benefits; lower consciousness self doesn’t see a reason to do this; don’t know how to create real love doing this; need love. Need LOVE.

Different: ID 3 explicit needs for every task, expanding or recovery based… Ask what love can be created with this?


“The way to become more comfortable, more often, is to experience more discomfort, more often.” ~ Me.

Next Comfort Expanding Task:

FP twelve times toward “I receive a full-engagement-capable house by 4/26/2016 systematically” (ST: 0113; ET: 0630;) 

Done: How many FP’s did I* log?
Quality: How integrated, connected to the real world were these FP’s?
Speed – How soon after this blog post did I* do all 12 FP’s?
Concentration – Did I* do at least 1 “R” between these?
Force – How important was this in the long-term?

Plan: Don’t see it as a means to an end. See the means as the end, and the end as the means. Interlock it… Have my goal to be doing the exact process to achieve X and live life to the fullest…

Systematic stress followed by renewal is the key to high performance.

Next Recovery Task:

Do something I* really enjoy, and pretend to be with my famous mentors for 20 minutes. (ST: 0113; ET: 2359;)

Done – Did I* watch anime/something as if Dan Kennedy, Elon Musk, Paul Scheele, Donald Trump, and Eckhart Tolle were here?
Quality – How much fun did I* have?
Speed – Did * do this right away or right after the C.E. task?
Concentration – Did I* stay with these mentors the whole time?
Force – Worthy?

Plan: Get water with my mentors.


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