Subconscious Access #10 (2681 hours to FP-day)

Past Comfort Expanding Task:

Complete the subconscious access ritual, Japanese, and see the adaptation business as done (get 20 details written).

Done: 5/5 (Did I* complete the subconscious access ritual, Japanese, and the write down 20 details of the adaptation business as done?)
Quality: 4/5 (Did I* do each of these in a fully engaged way? How much streamlining was evident?)
Speed: 5/5 (Did I* get the adaptation business details done before 1700? And was the SAR-J done precisely between 1745 and 1900?)
Concentration: 4/5 (Did I* do a PQW within the SAR-J and still get everything done before 1700? How vividly and from how many perspectives did I* see the adaptation business as done?)
Force: 4/5 (How worth it was this this task?)

FP -> Comfort Expansion:

Good: I* wrote the images down… vivid images… energy…

CP: What to focus on while doing these exercises; what specific questions to ask; how specific;

Even Better: Create an image of application; signals; use it;

Not-So-Good: Didn’t create a day script or a blog post or a plan after subconscious

Different: Start the subconscious process  earlier. Time it. Devote time for analysis, verification, and hypotheses generation.

Past Recovery Task:

Be present for 30 minutes today

Done: 2/5 (Did I* allow space in my thoughts and awareness for long enough – did a spinning exhiliration wave in my stomach exist?)
Quality: 3.5/5 (How much was my mind able to ‘stop’ and enable that wave to continue?)
Speed: 2/5 (Did I* become present for 15 minutes around the time I* did the business details, and did I* become present for 15 minutes immediately after and/or during subconscious access and Japanese lessons?)
Concentration: 2/5 (Did I* let go for long enough to allow presence to wash over me?)
Force: 3/5 (How positively does this recovery affect my life?)

FP -> Recovery:

Good: I* attempted presence and worked to dissolve more thought into presence; at least started the process; didn’t wait;

CP: Familiar noise or new sights or old sights in new ways; breathing; expectations for  presence;

Even Better: Lower expectations for experience of presence.

Not-So-Good: Didn’t actively measure my presence; don’t have a fitbit-type thing for brainwave activity and consciousness… limited presence;

Different: Travel away from what’s known; away from labels;


“The way to become more comfortable, more often, is to experience more discomfort, more often.” ~ Me.

Next Comfort Expanding Task:

1) Create a 4-10 detail deep hypothesis of what will produce the most sales, the most value for the end-user, and what can reasonably achieve $25M in revenue in 5 years. (ST: 1930; ET: 2000) Then 2) develop the best way to strike this hypothesis down (Side Note: experiments are SOP’s) (ST: 2015; ET: 2100). Side Quest: What will make the most difference in the world? Where can I* create the biggest difference, the greatest value?). Then 3) Subconscious and Japanese fluency work. (ST-S: 1745, ET-S: 1825; ST-J: 1830; ET-J: 1900)

Done – Do I* have a 5 drafts of 4-10 detail hypotheses, with one chosen, that says “W, X, Y, Z, n… will produce the most sales and most value for the end user, and can reasonoably achieve $25M in revenue in 5 years.”
Quality – How sure do I* feel when considering testing this hypothesis, with the choice of hypothesis and choice of experiment I*’ve developed?
Speed – At what time did I* get this hypothesis made, experiment made, and did I* start the experiment?
Concentration – How much thought power did I* put into this at once?
Force – How worthwhile was this task?

Systematic stress followed by renewal is the key to high performance.

Next Recovery Task:

Devote 30 minutes to hanging out with my mentors and figuring out who my top 5 are.

Done – Did I* log 30 minutes with my top 5 mentors?
Quality – Did I* log high energy, high pleasantness, narrow focus, meaningful connection? Did I* FP my relation with them?
Speed – Did I* do this immediately after my hypothesis experiment work?
Concentration – How did I* use compound force to evolve this?
Force – How worth it was this this task?

Grab the mentor sheet, develop a relationship FP, and put that on repeat… even if I* feel I* could lose myself in one of them.


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