Subconscious Access #7 (2740 hours to FP-day)

Past Comfort Task:

Eat a lot of desserts, get some McDonald’s, watch some Code Geass or anime… ST: 2000; ET: 2359.

Done: 5/5 (Have I* eaten desserts, ate at least 2 McChickens, and watched 20 minutes of anime?)
Quality: 4/5 (How pleasantly did I* experience these tasks?)
Speed: 2/5 (How much unused time did I* have?)
Concentration: 3/5 (Did I* go all out enough to where I* don’t want to eat desserts/McDonald’s for the rest of the week?)
Force: 4/5 (How positively did this affect the rest of my tasks and objectives?)

Next Comfort Expanding Task:

Subconscious Access #7 (ST: 1755; ET: 1827),  Japanese (ST: 1830; ET: 1900), intermittent stress/recovery toward delivering the group call (ST: 2000; ET: 2200).

Done – Did I* provide 10 details for each step of the GaWAS-QANS, follow through with Japanese, and follow through with the entire Tim Ferriss procedure for speech preparation? 
Quality – How pleasant was my energy while going through this? Did I* evolve the ritual of subconscious access and my self-image with it?
Speed – Did I* complete the subconscious access precisely between 1755 and 1900 and complete the intermittant S/R  before 2200?
Concentration – Did I* do this in one fell swoop (immediate PQW recovery breaks/5 minute decaf/deep breathing allowed)?
Force – How well does this serve my primary aim and overall life?

Upgrade my self image with this as it relates to the $3K/mo F.P. goal & update the self-image and rituals via FP-SI and other means. Just chill for a bit at 1745, grab some decaf or something comfortable to occupy myself.


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