Subconscious Access #6 DONE (2759 hours to FP-day)

Past Comfort Expanding Task:

Japanese, subconscious access #6, FP management strategy for a position in BBT.

Done: 5/5 (Did I* access the subconscious, FP the management strategy after, and practice Japanese–finishing these three today?)
Quality: 2/5 (Was I* fully engaged during each and presenting 10 details to the recorder for each in the GWAS-QANS? How pleasantly did I* experience this task?)
Speed: 4/5 (Did I* access the subconscious at precisely 1800, FP the management strategy after, and practice Japanese at precisely 1829–finishing these three today by 1859?)
Concentration: 5/5 (Did I* do all this in one fell swoop or multiple?)
Force: 4/5 (How important was this in achieving my goal?)

Engagement: 3.75/5


Next Comfort Task:

Eat a lot of desserts, get some McDonald’s, watch some Code Geass or anime… ST: 2000; ET: 2359.

Done – Have I* eaten desserts, ate at least 2 McChickens, and watched 20 minutes of anime?
Quality – How pleasantly did I* experience these tasks?
Speed – How much unused time did I* have?
Concentration – Did I* go all out enough to where I* don’t want to eat desserts/McDonald’s for the rest of the week?
Force – How positively did this affect the rest of my tasks and objectives?

Go to McDonald’s after this. Grab some dessert for on the way there. Come back, watch Howl’s Moving Castle or Code Geass.


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