Subconscious Access #6 (2762 hours to FP-day)

Past Comfort Task – “Play Cranium” – Status:

Play Cranium and celebrate the new years. ST: 2315; ET: 0045

Done: 5/5 (Have I* played a game of Cranium?)
Quality: 3/5 (Was I* present but in a lover/crusher of enemies state?)
Speed: 4/5 (Did I* get in when it first started?)
Concentration: 3/5 (Did I* fully disengage and enjoy the game?)
Force: 3/5 (How worth it was it?)


Next Comfort Expanding Task:

Japanese, subconscious access #6, FP management strategy for a position in BBT.

Done – Did I* access the subconscious, FP the management strategy after, and practice Japanese–finishing these three today?
Quality – Was I* fully engaged during each and presenting 10 details to the recorder for each in the GWAS-QANS? How pleasantly did I* experience this task?
Speed – Did I* access the subconscious at precisely 1800, FP the management strategy after, and practice Japanese at precisely 1829–finishing these three today by 1859?
Concentration – Did I* do all this in one fell swoop or multiple?
Force – How important was this in achieving my goal? 

Read The Power of Full Engagement for the next couple of hours – or watch an anime or YT. Grab a decaf or water 15 minutes before. Get settled 3 minutes before. Start a minute before.


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