Subconscious Access #5 (2799 hours to FP-day)

Past Comfort Task:

Start rewatching Nisemonogatari. First episode watched by 1800. Started by 1730.

Done: 5/5 (Have I* watched an episode of Nisemonogatari?)
Quality: 4/5 (How present and engaged was I* while watching it?)
Speed: 2/5 (Did I* pause and reflect on what I* watched and how the creators did it?)
Concentration: 5/5 (Did I* fully disengage and enjoy the series?)
Force: 3/5 (How much of a pull did the series have for me?)

Comfort Expanding Task:

Finish subconscious access, Japanese, FB ads improvement for BBT and Paul’s pages, and FP every single strategy in the $3K/mo franchise prototype; complete by 2200. Start by 1730.

Done – Have I* accessed my subconscious via OTW, completed lesson 3  of Pimsleur’s Japanese, FP’d the marketing for BBT and CL, and FP’d every strategy in the $3K/mo franchise prototype?
Quality  – Did I* complete all these in a fully engaged fashion?
Speed – How many percentage points of unused time of the total time given? How much of the given time was I able to ‘cut off’?
Concentration – How many unique sessions did I* get this done, with fewer being better? Score = 5 – (1-[US])
Force – How worthy was this task to me?

If I*’m up with enough time before I* leave for work, access the subconscious. If there’s even more time, complete the Japanese lesson. Improve the ads and strategies when I* get home from Qdoba.


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