The REAL Reason You’ve Succumbed To Fear In The Past

Fear enables an acid-like, turning situation in your gut. Your legs feel like stone. The vision blurs. An almost screeching-like static coats the edge of your vision. But not in an obvious way. Like in a subliminal way–such as the ‘buy popcorn’ way movie theaters experimented with.

Maybe you write down the experience in your journal, hoping it’ll pass through observation. Maybe you use an anchoring technique from NLP or Tony Robbins. Maybe your just do the thing you fear, so that the death of fear is certain. Or maybe you just sit around, watching fear transmogrophy into regret–the heavy, poisonous feeling of possible pleasure gone forever.

Whatever you do. In most cases, there’s a thing you do that makes it so much harder on yourself. An it’s ironic because it IS what you need to think like when you handle your fear: simple.

Fear often comes from the unknown. But regardless of fear, it usually stems from the feeling that it’s too much. We won’t be able to do it because there’s too many moving parts.

“Complexity is the enemy of action,” as Tony Robbins says in an interview with Joe Polish. If that’s the case, then we can reasonably deduce that:

Simplicity = Action, and
Action = Confidence (or death of Fear)

Granted, there are thousand variables I’ve yet to tell you about. I know for a god-damned fact that THIS ALONE WILL NOT HELP YOU.

But you must do this whenever overwhelmed by fear. You must simplify what you’re trying to do. Our brains, while magnificent, IS limited in the regard of how many things we can focus on AND reasonably act on.

Final tip: Focus on simplifying ACTIONS and PAYOFFS.


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