How To Set Yourself Apart In The Marketplace–Here Are 20 Proven USP’s You Can Use

20 USP’s You Can Use To Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors–And Increase Sales!

No B.S. / Cut-the-shit / No holds barred
$75 worth of 80/20 software tools
Secrets–better when from specific source
– – – – –
‘The world’s greatest financial minds’ from Tony Robbin’s bestselling Money: Master The Game.

‘Distilled wisdom of distinguished men of wealth and achievement’ from Napoleon Hill’s best-selling Think and Grow Rich.
– – – – –
Sexy (-ier than you)… and available (but just out of reach)
– – – – –
Think about your childhood crush for a moment–what was so special about her again? You’ll probably find that this is the USP.)
– – – – –
Helped millions
Ph.D (in some cases)
Better proof / evidence (ex: SPIN Selling)
Host of the party
Foreword from notable men
Easy Acronym
Jingle / Unique use of 8 intelligences to convey promise
More trustworthy
More likeable
Better service
More authority/certainty than you and your competitor
FIRST! (Psycho-Cybernetics and Think And Grow Rich and How To Win Friends And Influence People are each firsts of it’s kind, I believe.)


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