Using Theater Of The Mind To Become A Better Copywriter


Haven’t achieved a million dollars yet–my bank balance is <$120 and my free cash is less than $500. Dan hasn't smiled at me as he handed me a huge wad of cash yet.


Conscious self-image work for 30 minutes a day will change these results from negatives to positives.

Background Research:

Psycho-Cybernetics, Ultimate Sales Letter, No B.S. Productivity


I want a million dollars and Dan to smile at me while handing me a huge wad of cash ($400–$1000 or more)

Until 12/28/14, I will:

1. Add or replace one new detail (minimum) to my theater of the minds. Record this in an EverNote or a new journal… count the number of details each day.

2. I will play out my copywriting self-image in this theater–writing out key details I may need. Key points include the sloth on sleeping pills becoming ready for an Olympic sprint or marathon; words surging out of my hands when I wake up in the morning; subconscious orders to go through swipe file for whatever I need to write emails and copy.

3.  Reflect for 2 minutes on my process. Ask V2MOM questions about my theater/rehearsal techniques. Update this blog post as needed (STRIKEOUT the old info, don’t delete it).

Measure, number of times Dan smiles at me, cashflow in, e-mails published to Dan.


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