Join Me In Dying–For These 2 Things

Scary shit is normal

It’s a natural part of life. And we need to go through it.

And the sooner, the better.

Because, the faster we get through it… the faster we do what we fear… the faster we BECOME THE ANTIDOTE TO FEAR.

I see people dancing on bars. Possibly with the bounce e rd kicking them out.

I see everyday men speaking out to world leaders.

I see people getting kicked out of countries tool passionately pursue what’s believed in.

The shit will happen. Providing I can make the purpose of this blog come true.

Given that our lives are transient–even with the new biotech coming to stores near you–you can expect that people will give their lives to something more important.

If the right message is given properly, they will do it.

And I am that right message. I will be the revolutionary designed the stretch the comfort zone.

My life is not important enough to just live as comfortably as possible. My life is designed for something more.

And, if I were willing to die for anything, it’d be for this: ‘Unbridled expression of self’, and ‘A raise in standards for acceptance of ambiguity’.

That said, let’s go to today’s experiment.


When I think of “sales”,  a blurred image surfaces. My day is a blur, and I feel too apathetic to get anything done. I don’t have anything planned for today–no end times are set. Time isn’t tracked.


If I flash map enough, I can memorize 120 questions within  7 hours.


Write out all the questions I have for the fitness instructor on a sheet of paper. Use folders as paper, if necessary. Flip the folder or get a new folder. Then:

1. Write the questions from memory.

2. Look at original question list. Write in any missed questions in a red or different color pen, pencil, or marker.

Get a new folder. Repeat the above 2 steps until no questions are missed. Do this by 6:00 AM 11.29.14.

Attempt to ask these questions to another person–real or imaginary. Write a paragraph about qualitative emotional effort.


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