How I’m Raising Myself From Failure To Success In Selling


Using emotions in my questions yields 3 times as much data. Way more fun. Delivers umpteen times more perceived value. Have yet to get SPIN practice done though.


If I flash map the customers problems and related difficulties 40 times and ask 300 problem questions or as many problem questions as I have to fail, I will feel the confidence to make 20 sales (for anyone).


1. Visualize me enjoying my problem skill as it’s finally done.
2. Ask what’s not perfect yet about my implied needs elicitation skill–visualize enjoying competence at this.
3. Take the Bootcamp or Paul or something–get imagery for every, single, problem I’ve identified and put it on one map. This includes related difficulties.
4. Print the mind map when I can–2 copies–and cut up one of them. Post pictures on desk
5. Write out all the questions I have for each problem (on sticky notes, if I choose to buy them) and put them near picture
6. Flash map JUST THE IMAGES For 40 times over the next 72 hours–doing one after 24 and at least one after 48 and after 71.
7. Ask the questions to fail 50 times–putting questions I’ve mastered on the original mind map–possibly on the wall.
8. Record observations


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