Anxiety over targeting a market–What I’m doing about it


Feel acid in chest, blurry vision. See fitness instructor, don’t know his world–really. See people frowning and going–he doesn’t get me.


I’ll know my target audience if I can tell what clothes they typically wear, where they live, how they’ll respond to 3 questions, where they go for vacation, and how they feel about their lives.


1. Imagine what a U.K. personal trainer wears–look at fashion of the streets and the Virgin/David/Etc. gym members–build an avatar from there
2. Learn about where the highest (and lowest) paid fitness instructors live–develop a mental model of their commute to the gym, how they get to their customers… how do they connect the desired result to the customer’s present state?
3. Determine 3 questions–ask the avatar in my mind them–learn what they’ll say
4. Imagine where a fitness instructor of the U.K. might go on vacation
5. Ask the fitness instructor I’ve imagined how he feels about his life.


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