Anxiety. Approximately fifteen trials less than I should. No apparent associations with perception of failure–how that works. See bulky dude in mind when thinking about Bootcamp e-mail sequence.

Texted Dan about Australia. Told me it was about the U.K. I’m feeling what people might call anxiety. Dan texts back saying, “No worries.”

Several items on my to-do list aren’t done… even though I’ve marked them to be done twice now.


“Anxiety” possibly due to fears not recognized, possible challenges overlooked, lack of focus and direction, or something else.

Will I gain more faith if I reread the chapters in Think And Grow Rich on organized planning, specialized knowledge, and whatever else it was I needed to know? More so than ‘Money, Master The Game?’

Will thinking strongly about my goal–especially about the power and clarity I’ll achieve–12 times a day, give me extensive certainty and exceptional faith?

Will typing out the questions to the $1,000,000 goal and choppin’ em up for the HTT exercise prove more fruitful than what I was doing?


(For All 3 Hypotheses)

1. Prepare and preview Think and Grow Rich, Outwitting the Devil, Money, What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars…
2. Determine what reading strategy needs to be done–should I read one for a certain amount of time and the other for a certain amount of time–or focus on one exclusively?
3. Before every 50 minute session and every end time planning and record keeping, visualize strength and achievement.
4. Type and do HTT with the M dollar questions.


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