25 Origins Of Inadequacy


Acidy, blurry-screen commonly called anxiety or excitement.  Possible origin includes dirty blanket, low fiber count sweater-shirt, white dog hairs on low fiber count sweater-shirt, cement-brick walls with sharpie on them, pictures and paper peeling from cork board and walls, duct tape on edges of blue vinyl covers–falling off the ceiling, crumpled blanket and crumpled sheet on open futon, sight of dusty cement floor beyond current carpet, coffee cups of varying styles with multiple colors of straws; hear mom with nasally southern voice upstairs.


If I reduce the variation in this place (i.e. fewer things, fewer colors, fewer cup styles, same clothes), will I feel safer and more certain?


1. Organize the straws by colors
2. Only use one type of coffee cup, one type of plate
3. Get the computer montor out of here
4. Flatten and group images/documents together–consider consolidating them to the cork board
5. (Optional) Get the suit c ase out of site)
6. Keep bed made at all times.
7. Have no more than 5 total items on the desk at once


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