Discover Unknown Needs In Your Marketplace By THINKING.


Missed a High-Think Tank session. Haven’t measured my finances at all for the past week. Paid parents $220. Paid $16 in Tacos. Threw up 4 times today. $0 income.


If I take the 4th 50-minute work session of each day to ‘just think’–to just think about my sales self-image, my sales process, my sales funnels, and ritualizing the HTT and End Times process–I will make $4,000 in 2 weeks.


1. Actually do the MSR, high-think tank exercise, and day-scripting exercise–within the first 2 hours of waking at 4AM.
2. Do the 60-60-30 solution, twice.
3. On the 4th “60”, prep the session to seek out 10 previously unknown needs, fears, desires, objections, kinks in the sales process/sales self-image/ritualization of of the HTT and End Times process.
4. Record observations into Evernote–post these observations to this blog at the end of 21 days.


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