Our Journey To A Million Dollars Continues.


Call Sunny at 5:18. Speak for 5 minutes 44 seconds. Laugh at his joke about why business owners turn Republican so quickly. (Answer: Government commisioners.)

Call ends abruptly. Feel acrid arrow of hurt in solar plexus.

I send Dan an e-mail with a link to an e-mail for HepTech. Dan replies. In the e-mail, he says “I like it!” He requests an e-mail for a Thank You page. (I should do content for a ‘before you go’.)

Still no Ryan Deiss info, FB Ads account info, ClickFunnel info, LeadPages info from EM.

As for Aweber, I create a new account. I use the gift code Aweber sent me for the next 2 months. After I register, I type in my credentials for fhmaaron. It says the account’s been closed.


(Will asking ‘how many better ways to hypothesize’ bring better hypotheses?)

Does writing for Dan for 3 hours a day really raise my income?


1. Visualize Dan receiving $3,000,000 using evidence procedure questions
2. Do 3 ‘prepared’ 50-minute sessions–contributing to Dan’s customers’ relationships.
3. Record time into Evernote during each session–record each activity done by saying, “Where did my energy actually go between [start time] and [end time of 50 minute session]?”
4. Analyze time by asking, “What would happen if this were never done?” and “Which of these items on my time log could be done by someone else just as well, if not better?”


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