Affirmation That Your Cold Calls Really Work… Just Look At The FACTS About Your Situation… They’re Probably More ‘Calm’ Than ‘Frightening’


(For first experiment.)

ReferenceUSA for 2 Hallmark business–Drake Road and Kansas City, MO (Corporate). Call local store… apparently… it’s corporately owned… not even franchised. Call corporate, ask for Steve Paoellini. Says he doesn’t work there anymore. Reach Ann’s voicemail, blah blah blah.

Visit Hogzilla. The woman there’s on the phone. She hangs up. Says Sunni’s in Battle Creek. She gives me the Battle Creek number. Call the Battle Creek Hogzilla. Man answers. Man gives the phone to an Indian woman. Tell her the wall story. She gives me the number. Dial the number. “Hey, is this Sunni?” He says yes. I tell him about the wall story. Say how I’m not even affiliated with O’Reilly, but that I thought there should be some use for the wall. He says he wants to take a look at it.

Visit James of Corey’s Bootery. Tell him about Hogzilla. Ask if he’s still interested. He says he is.

(For current experiment.)

Looked through 15 web pages–relating to the 4 businesses Dan showed me. Hepatitis journal entries, HepTech sales pages, Trello pages, Snap toothbrush sales pages, etc. (Note: My Dentist advertises through Colgate.)

I write 5 Trello blocks, see 15 notes written. No LeadPages login, ClickFunnel login, Facebook ad login, Ryan Deiss marketing conference.

10 people at MeetUp today. Daniella and Sean mention Skyping e-mail contacts–both sales leads and employees. Web page design courses by Jared. Mark sells speaker components. Older gentleman comes then leaves. Jelly sells animation courses. Jared brings up burlesque–the wife going ‘Ohhh my god!’ (‘get her another drink!’ Dan says… which brings me to the conclusion that he craves sex.) Discussion about black and white infomercials. Mock the Internet Marketers… can call Frank Kern.

Gray, abyss-colored haze clouds my vision as I will ‘tracking time’ into my mind.


Will e-mailing my past dating clients requesting to Skype make me money?


1. Log in to Aweber… reupdate thing
2. If the e-mails are still there, shoot each person an e-mail from the e-mail.
3. Say in the e-mail, “I’d love to talk with you over Skype. See if we can get your fears handled in the next 90 days or so.”
4. Record Observations


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