Your Sales Close Needs To Be YOU — Product Knowledge, Features & Benefits…. That’s Should Be YOU


(For the original business mentor experiment.)

Feel the turning sensation in gut. Slight fear sauce constricts the muscles. Zone out with a vague image of phone. Think with haze-field about the 10 minute break.

Body immediately steps from laundry room, to room, to tablet. Fingers type in Click on Reference USA. Reach for wallet, pull out library card. Enter the number. Search for the last name ‘Reedy’. About a hundred companies list before me. First, I call Reedy Corp. No answer, but I leave a message. I say I’m a kid looking to learn business. Then,  I see the ‘Monaco Bay”, the local hit bar. Next to it is the name, “Ryan Reedy” which is the same guy I’m looking for. I call this place. A man who identifies himself as Victor picks up. He tells me to e-mail Ryan at

After a couple text messages to Dan Kaufman. After several minutes (read: years) of hesitation. I type and send the e-mail to Ryan. I type and edit and send an InMail message to Ryan. Relief. I know I did the best I could… I feel satisfied with myself.

(For yesterday’s experiment.)

(Note: I took out the first 2 steps. I assumed the idea is to get buyers.)

Text Dan about advertising on O’Reilly’s blank building. He texts back saying that it’s a great idea. I deliberate momentarily about contracts, fees, whether to visit O’Reilly or other businesses first. I visit 4 businesses to sell advertising space on an auto parts store. Speak with Dan. Create GTD white papers as ‘items’ to process on these businesses.

Agree to $100 a week and 50% of the revenue. Pending access to Facebook ads, Ryan Deiss videos/tools, Early To Rise, ClickFunnel, LeadPages, etc. I feel a bit of solidity in my chest and stomach. I now see and hear money flowing into my life–“externally visibly” anyway..

Final Judgement:

Persistence, presence, and follow up are more important than ever. Salespeople who rely on tactics and techniques are KILLING THEMSELVES AND THEIR REPUTATION. Without Psycho-Cybernetic techniques, without the integration of positive salesmanship into their fucking core, they’re dead in the water.

The only way I could feel good about myself… in the things that I just did… was that I was a PERSON SPEAKING TO A PERSON. When I spoke to James of Corey’s Bootery (the owner), if I wouldn’t have been present… he probably wouldn’t have said, “We’d be interested” to my thought process about the ads on the wall. He probably wouldn’t have even spoken to me.

This, I assume, goes not just for sales. If you want to be healthier, that green shake needs to be a part of who you are. If you want to be a master pickup artist, that storytelling, funny, wacky gambit you heard… needs to be a part of who you are. The routines are weird only if it’s separate from you.

I get the whole Eckhart Tolle thing. In fact, I get that I was unconscious for about 60% of this article. The whole unconscious thing, or identification with the ego thing, is very much an issue I’m working on. My life is perhaps 20 times better when I’m release myself from form. When I release myself from circumstance. When I appreciate my appreciating faculties (read: consciousness).

The self-image is an asset to be used. There’s way, I think, of having it, and not being it. You’re being. And it’s it.

I’ll elaborate this in the next or the second to next post.

Next Hypothesis:

Will just 50 minutes of typing–with contributive-value-adding-to-relationship conscioousness–for sales letters for Dan, bring $400 in income during the next 4 days?

(Consider Marketing Calender hypothesis: “Will writing out 10 topics and aligning them on a calendar for the next 10 days–with the intention to publish articles/videos on them–create more income than what I have now, or less, or the same?

Next Experiment:

1. Imagine Dan’s made $3,000,000 as a result of my efforts. (Use ‘Evidence Questions’)
2. Prep from both points of view–mine and the customer’s.
3. Ask “What can I contribute that will add as much value as possible to the customer and I’s relationship?” on a voice recorder (Note if you’re following along: I modeled this question from Drucker’s The Effective Executive.)
4. Open Evernote. Play recording on loop while Evernote is open.
5. Allow action to rise spontaneously from this question.


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