THE FEAR IS IN YOUR MIND. Write Down “How The Fear Works” In VIVID DETAIL. You’ll More Than Likely Destroy It That Way

Observation of continued business mentor experiment:

See phone. Feel turning in stomach. Consider reaching for it–‘acid’ in muscles constricts them. What Maxwell Maltz calls the ‘Automatic Failure Mechanism’ probably commands my body.

Feel sting in stomach. Write down ‘Pain w/ calling store’ onto a paper. The heading of the paper is ‘Connect w/ Linda Sawall’. I ask myself how this pain works. I observe a fantasy of hearing a feminine voice on the phone. The voice says she’s not available.

Boom. After this observation, I pick up the phone and call. (Note: The REAL pain came from a cloudy, vagueness around this. The golden-tan wispy, smoky, ephemeral hues clouding this image are the real fear-mongers.) I don’t design the hypothesis and experiment like I planned. The reaction is immediate. The phone is already calling direct to the Sawall’s. I don’t even do a warm-up call with strangers over movie-recommendations.

The phone connects to an automated system. A recording of a middle-aged woman giving me three options–store hours, —–(forget what it is), and customer service plays. When it says ‘Or just wait, and a customer service rep will be with your shortly,’ I feel a twisting, burning in my manahara, beneath my solarplexus. I press the red button with the white phone icon. ‘Boop.’. The call ends at ’00:29′.

I write ‘Pain with staying on line and connecting to person’–which is my biggest fear after the call. I ask ‘How “(above pain)” works”. I fantasize and write out how I see a woman on the line. She tells me ‘No,  she’s not there’ in a downward tonality that’s slightly ‘ripped’ from tension in her body. Other words stated include ‘She’s very busy’ or ‘Can’t see anyone’ also come to mind. Seeing these in black ink on white paper–clear and defined, I pick up the phone again. No hypotheses or experiments as I originally intended. Just pure, liquid action.

I feel the pang in my stomach still, but lessened. I put a pen horizontally in my mouth and bite it. The forced smile alleviates some of the ‘acid’ from my manahara.

Connect with a chirpy young lady. I introduce myself as some kid looking to get into business. Looking more for how business people think–what to do. She tells me Linda Sawall’s in Florida for a couple weeks. She asks if I’d like to leave a message or see the manager. I say, ‘Well, both. I mean, if she’s not there, though, then she’s not there.’ She says, ‘Hold on. I’ll let you speak to the manager.’

‘This is Mark.’ 92 mins and 25 secs of this call pass since 11:44(am). He proceeds to give me clear, cut-the-shit business insights, beliefs, attitudes, and self-image.

My mouth hangs open as I say, ‘Bye now–bye, bye’. I smile. I step 20% faster. I feel lightness and energy in my chest-to-back area. Phfoom.

Judgement call:

These daily calls… are pivotal. Business owners are CRAVING to share their war stories. They can give you insights that will save you MILLIONS.

I’ve learned, through this call, to believe that a business running smoothly is BORING. And that that’s the way business SHOULD be: Boring.

It’s fighting the fires that’s the exciting part. Sure, you want to prevent as much of the fire as possible… but you’re going to have fun getting this shit handled.

Also… be part of the business. Don’t feel you know more than the customer. Knowing that this is a mistake (illustrated by ‘make the best hot turkey sandwich in the world’) just blew my mind. This guy, who’s part of a $3M/yr business, just told me that he’s less knowledgable than his customer. Wow.

Also: Pay the fucking good guys more. Keep them around. They’ll treat you like a rockstar. (Illustrated by the 50-year old taking out the ‘air coils’ of the fridge–making sure that nothing would happen to them. Also illustrated by ‘I saw a kid work. Gave him a pay raise within his first 24 hours of working there.)

Also: Treat everyone OUTSTANDINGLY. Woman in a mumu (not sure how that’s spelled) story. Waitress complains over bagel and soda. “She’s not going to tip me anything.” Mark replies, “Do you know how much that woman’s worth?” (“No.”) “That woman is worth 300 million dollars.” You never know who you’ll get around here. We deal with the owners and people of the Stryker corporation, the Parfets, the Upjohns, and Pfizers all the time!

These people, if you’re not from the Kalamazoo area, are multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires. They own research corporations and medical manufacturing firms.

So it goes, this little phone call…. worth an AMAZING return on my fear currency. That said, I theorize that COURAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY. I’m getting real returns for real courage I’m investing. Especially because, as a side-note, Tony Parinello–best-selling author of ‘Selling To VITO’–connected with me on LinkedIn recently. I sent him an e-mail about my sales process. This was an act of courage from me, because I had no idea what he would think of me.

In other words: Courage => Money. You can literally buy your home in courage units. And you have as many courage units as you can imagine.

Ain’t that neat?

Next Observation: 

‘Fear making a call about selling people on marketing services’ Feel a blank wispiness in my chest and ‘block’ in the back of neck. The blackness and wispy hues cover any thoughts concerning what I’ll say or do.

Next Hypothesis:

Will actually knowing 3 real features of ‘what I’ll sell’ or writing down the questions to ask when I’ll call reduce this ‘block’, the blank wispiness, the hues and increase calls and sales?

Next Experiment:

1. Read the Jay-Tony Transcript–collect and memorize the questions by heart
2. Write down 20 3-plus-word notes about what their ultimate outcome is–their life values might be–their personality types are
3. Invest 2 hours, Photoreading Style, reading sales material… know my self-image/qualifications/resources for delivering the result.
4. Follow whatever directions there are for this
5. Give ’em a call.


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