That Rejection-Based Venom That Freezes Your Muscles… Here’s A Way To Siphon It Out Of Your Body


My stomach and solar plexus swirl. My lower eyelids hang as my face tenses. Mouth slightly open, I feel a fluid, a hormone, drip from my biceps to my hands to the rest of my body. I have a vague image of a phone. And Jim, owner of The Kalamazoo Beer exchange.


“Does this sensation stem from not making a call a day already?”


1. Look up a # of a business owner. (If you’re following this, ask yourself, “What’s an example of a business owner”. Google his name or use ReferenceUSA. If you don’t have a library card, drive to your local library and get one. Otherwise, resort to Google.)

2. Pull out the phone and call before 8pm.

3. Say, “Hi Mr. Owner. I’m looking for mentor in business. May I buy you a coffee tomorrow and ask you a few questions?”

4. Talk with the owner. Write down sensations after hanging up–and the following day.


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