Hey! Bill! Dancing’s Starting To Pay Off.

Bill. Get this. It’s 3:30 in the morning. I get the nagging idea to step, step, step to the corner of the street. Then. Once I’ve reached the corner of the street, I convulse, flex, and relax as I observe double halogens blur by.

Most importantly… just above those double white halogens… I bet you’ll never see anywhere else…

These people get so TENSE when you fuck up their model of ‘What should be happening at three a.m. in the morning.’

Seriously, Bill. These reactions. These reactions were so priceless. Namely because I was so irrelevant–as contrasted to the horror nightmare visions I concocted of getting picked up. Of getting picked up by some rusty, tinted window car of course.

Seriously.. Take all that fear you have. All the anxiousness you contain inside of you… perhaps outside your conscious awareness. Whether it be for approaching the girl. Whether it be for making  a funny comment on Steve Jobs’s memorial wall.

Really take the time to look at these emotions… from an outsider’s perspective… now.

Now WHAM. Here’s a guy. He’s driving home. He’s Looking straight ahead. And he’s not looking at me. Even though I’m doing this crazy thing… I’m not that important.

I want you to get this. YOU–even you, Bill Gates–are not important enough to knock people off-skilter with your weird behavior. People are so preoccupied with their own problems… that you have all the freedom to be as ballsy as you want.

As long as you don’t hurt them.

ANYWAY. If you felt somewhat inspired by this blog post, Bill… GO DO YOUR OWN DANCE. GO RICK-ROLL ONE OF YOU EXECUTIVES OR SOMETHING>

Seriously. Just do whatever it takes to get your ‘venom-juice’ going. Because… This is scientific observation at work here… The venom will eat away at the part of you that’s holding you back. Non-yin… the yang part of you… will thrive as a result of feeling this acidity… and using it as a handle–an anchor–for action.

So. Anyway. GET GOING.



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