You have a LOT of ‘pscyho-baggage’. You’ll only know how heavy it is when you shirk it off.

God damn. Acid poured into my god-damned veins over THAT?


I had a palms-sweaty, mind-spaghetti panic attack over standing up, feeling my feet pitter patter on the floor, opening the door, and then moving my body on my front lawn.

Jesus. Who made it illegal to DANCE?

Anyway. That’s how fucked I’ve let myself to be. But. Guess what. This one action… has evolved me. A thousand doors just opened that weren’t available to me before. Not to mention… I feel better.

Now. I want this for you.

So, Bill. What I want you to do… is this: Design a list of things that scare you.

Here’s my list of things that scare me.

  • Go out in public and shouting really loudly
  • ‘Ca-CAW’ in public x 10 or x 20
  • Do the fire hydrant dance at work
  • Go to the park and incant in the same way I started this.
  • Film myself picking up girls
  • Create that program that will help me complete this… DO THE TIMELINE… DO THE ANCHORING… DO THE SWISH PATTERN… 6 HUMAN NEEDS
  • Say ‘AYE’ in a louder voice at work…
  • Storytell at work
  • Complete one Rules of the Game challenge daily until I feel it
  • Sell toothbrushes–NOT ECOLOGICAL… DON’T DO THIS
  • Sell Think and Grow Rich to 40 homes
  • Have a conversation as a gay man in a different city
  • Do an NLP exercise with a total stranger
  • Sell sprites…
  • Split test 2 items a day until it happens
  • Submit an email to aweber daily
  • Dance on the corner of a street

Alright. You’ve now seen my list. Now. Before you even finish reading this, make your list. Pull out a physical sheet of paper and pen, hear the scratching, as you see ink forming on the white.

Then. Once you’ve got that, let me know.


If you haven’t completed the above exercise… PLEASE MINIMIZE THIS WINDOW AND DO IT.

If you have completed this exercise… then congratulations. You’ve just inscribed your new to-do list.

By picking one of these things, then seeing yourself actually doing it… you’ll shirk the chains of social slavery. You’ll flap your wings above the smog and breathe the vision of clarity and control.

Oh. And. For extra credit, click down in the comments below. Then: Type your SCARIEST THING, then DO IT.

P.S. By not doing this, you’ll feel yourself sagging and getting heavier of the years. You’ll have a fat, nagging wife who hates you. You’ll have a deadend job where you’ll go no where. Is that where you want to be?

P.S. # 2 By doing this,you’ll feel so light… you won’t even believe it. You’ll forgive yourself as you realize a new, upgraded you. You’ll see people’s eyes drawn toward you. Why? Because you’re realizing and feeling a  place where they’ve always dreamed of being: In themselves–in their own intentions.

See you on the other side.


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