The Key To Unlocking Your Mind (101+**)–Results Below

Research baby.

I’ve pulled in 13 financial planners from Grand Rapids and 7 financial planners from Kalamazoo–each of whom will get a call from me as of tomorrow.

(Editor Note: This is the conclusion of Task 101: Script Rewrite And Lead Generation)

I may follow up on some realtors, like Jeff Glover, Rick Whittemore, and Olin Whatshisname–but overall, my demographic for tomorrow are local financial planners.

As for the script writing and rewriting–I felt so overwhelmed, because despite 60% effort (which is pretty try-hard for a task like this… despite how it’s not try-hard enough), I only had the script rewritten four times.

So. As I sweated bullets trying to get this done, my mind went “into lock” and just stopped. I took a deep breath and looked for anything to distract me from the current task: Coffee (despite it being 1:25 in the morning), OkCupid, Paul, reading, deep breathing (which is good).

And I would end up wasting 9 minutes petting my dog and grabbing a cup of coffee (which is probably why I’m awake and typing this to you now.)

But, despite the distraction, something pretty profound came out of this. Because, for some reason, my mind went to the “Notice” section of Paul Scheele’s Natural Brilliance course.

I have over 20 different personal development courses, but for some reason, my mind floated toward “Paul Scheele”, then to “Natural Brilliance”, and then to “Notice 2a”.

Why is this so profound? Two reasons: 1) I did 50 minutes of sales incantations earlier, and 2) This audio teaches you exactly how to memorize tough material.

To roughly paraphrase his example, try this. I want you to take the next 30 seconds and look HARD at these numbers. Just try to memorize them as best as you can. This is a test, so you’d better try hard! (We’re using the honor system here. I believe in you–Go!)


Once the timer for 30 seconds is up, look away and rewrite the numbers from memory.

Got it? Good. Now, as you’ll look at this, you probably had a twisting knot in your stomach.

Well, as it turns out, the answer is only half as a hard as memorizing the answers. If you take a deep breath in, and a deep exhale out, you can just relax your mind over the numbers. Try looking for what patterns may come up.

1… 8… 27… 64… If you’ll notice closely, each of the numbers are 1 through 7, just cubed.

This is a little more complex than Paul Scheele’s task (I didn’t want to steal his), but even though the cube of each number is somewhat hard to remember, the point is that you CAN recall it so much more swiftly than the rest of it.

Well. After learning this lesson, I went back to my notes and asked, “What are the patterns here?”

When I realized that “$15,000”, “90 Days”, and “Consultation” showed up often, I felt a little more comfortable knowing to centralize all the other parts of the script around these obvious ideas.

Then, when it came to patterns, I thought, “What are the 20% of each of these sentences that provide 80% of the value/meaning?”

Boom. Headshot.

In every single one of the sentences, one or two words encapsulated the meaning of the entire sentence. Instead of rewriting the sentences now, I just rolled with it, and made a numbered list of every keyword.

After memorizing this list, I had full and total recall of the entire script, verbatim.

I can recite it to you now, half-asleep.

I’m serious. Check out this video. 

Anyway, imma go sleep a bit. I’m getting up in about 3 hours so that I can my calls 🙂 Talk soon!


P.S. What’s a picture that says “YOU MUST READ MY PROFILE”?


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