10 Active Cold Calls Today (Task 102^)

“I’m not interested. Please take me off your calling list.”

That’s what you get when you cold-call.

At least when you make rookie mistakes, such as making it sound like a sales call..

(I need to make a list of all the triggers that equate to “This is a sales call,” and eliminate all of them from my cold-calling efforts.)

Now, I’ve made 10 active calls today when:

  • When I’m smiling as I listen to the tenth voice tell me “Sure, I’m interested.” or “No, I’m not interested.” Not when I’ve heard the fifth voice–but maybe when I’ve heard the eleventh or twentieth voice.
  • When I’ll have at least 10 YouTube videos available as proof of the genuine, non-voicemail calls (not 5 videos, not 8 videos, but 10, 11, or 34 videos uploaded as proof.)
  • When my “Dialed” list in my phone will have 10 new Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids area code phone numbers in it where there were none before. (not 5 new number, not 6 new numbers, but 10 new numbers, 11 new numbers, 646 new numbers…)
  • (When I’ve meditated for an hour before hand and recorded the number of ticks and movements I’ve had–not when I’ve meditated but have no video to count the number of ticks I’ve made.)
  • (When I’ve incanted for 60 minutes the Tony Robbins sales incantation)

I’ll update you tonight on my efforts.



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