New-smelling-beige-carpeted, 1,550 square-foot, apartment with a sliding glass door and a deadbolt lock (PLAN)

The parents scream and fight at a decibel range louder than a lawn mower, snow blower, or leaf blower. Dad screams about Mom going to the casino; Mom BS’s her way to significance by pulling up emails & shit about Waldo’s and another woman named Donna–all after she started smoking & working out less. During all this, Dora The Explorer leads the way to The Big Red Hill on my laptop monitor in an attempt to raise my vibe to a happier one. WIth all this going on, my only question is:

How are you going to think proactively after this?

With this being an obvious challenge, I propose something new–a new, secure place where I can read, study, perform experiments, love and make love without hesitation (“Are my parents listening?”); I propose a place where I get to walk through society knowing that I am, indeed, self-sufficient, and I can look at any (sexy) human being with dignity and pull them in–I can also support others by this.

And all of this will be completed by January 15, 2014.

By owning my own place, I can truly devote my entire energies toward influencing my parents to better behavior without them being able to control me or afflict me as an Unconscious backlash. I’ll have the pure capability to be influenced only by the mentors I choose, and I’ll create the max power for other people in the best of ways possible.

You see, I’m a person who’s willing to change & evolve at rapid, if painful, degrees to acquire new heights of achievement & affiliation. I’m a person with massive potential who wants to get away from dependency.

By completing this goal, now, I’m going to be the person who controls my environment–who decides what sounds and impressions shall be played and made upon my mind. it shall be I who decides what color the walls should be, what posters should hang upon the walls. And within these walls, too, shall be my choice in how people shall conduct themselves or, in a more important context, who can even exist at a particular point within these walls.

By completing this goal, now, I’ll stop being forced to listen to drama & sickness & violence & disease in the form of TV and my parents. My dad has always tried to dominate me, influence me, criticize me at every possible turn. When I complete this goal by January 15, 2014, I’ll never be forced to burn any more unnecessary willpower to deal with Dad’s criticism ever again (unless I consciously choose to speak with him… at which it will be MY influence and control not his).

By completing this goal, now, I will achieve the feeling of “Yes, I did it!” as well as the power necessary (in the form of influence factors, natural habits, and the physiology associated with one who depends on himself) to realize larger, more effecting achievements.

By not completing this goal, now, it could translate into patterns of failure elsewhere, which means I MUST follow through & achieve this by January 15, 2014.

By completing this goal, now, oh how popular I’ll be when people smile @ my decorations & status of my home–people will love me & cherish me as their idle, their role model, as they seek to be more like me & my achiever self!

By not completing this goal, now, I can’t support myself, & people can smell it. Beyond five minutes of talking, the charade is up & the beautiful people of the world walk around me to get away from me. By achieving this goal, I’ll have mastered the ability to get other people to like me and not hate me as a direct and indirect side effect of my evolution and achievement.

I mean, there’s not much to achieving this goal besides coding, making a product, and networking. The language is very clear and succinct, the destination is obvious, there’s not much to it besides just doing the things. I mean, as a general overview, the principles for succeeding in achieving this goal are:

  • Value Creation (Cause and Effect)   +   Teleological Causality
  • Influence (Good Deal, Contrast, Reasons)  +   Influence (Reciprocation, Scarcity)
  • Influence (Commitment & Consistency, Social Proof)   + Influence (Liking, Authority)
  • Conspicuous Consumption   +   Conspicuous Precision
  • VAK influence to lead myself
  • Streams of income

OK, to clarify, I need to convert people’s pains, fears, frustrations into long-term methods of pleasure in order to create value; When the vision/goal itself is a/the cause for its achievement is teleological causality; People naturally respond to a good deal, more than the socially accepted value is; Going from $49 to $14 is an example of contrast… and so on. There’s a lot to explain here, but the important bits of information here are value creation and streams of income. These two will service as the focus by which the rest will support.

People attract to shiny objects because it helps them survive. People want to be loved more than anything–scientifically proven that love and affection is as important as food or water (BABIES DIED WHEN LEFT ALONE). Without tribal affiliation, even with food, water, shelter, comfort… YOU WILL DIE… My goal is to help others affiliate with society 🙂

The process of achieving this goal lies in a combo of research and development, discipline, love, coding, applying for projects on eLance, oDesk, Guru, and overall transforming people’s lives–after this the only task lies in acquiring the trust of an apartment complex owner to let me rent an apartment.

Now, for the skill of making money from adding/added value. Here are the steps necessary to acquire this skill:

  1. Ruthlessly teach myself and others to code while I upload videos in the process
  2. Constantly see the world I’m in as power and energy–eat high kilowatt-value foods, waters; abstain from sugar, coffee, meats (especially non-organic); DRINK ONLY GREENS MIX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE
  3. Routinely go to businesses I respect and admire and speak to the owner;  eat at these places at least three times each… understanding the environment
  4. By the time I’ve invested 100 hours coding and teaching myself to code, I’ll need to market my Excel product and coding services like mad.
  5. After the previous four steps, contact 15 different apartment owners and buy the best apartment I can… request a cosignee from parents, because they’ll think that I can pay it where as the apartment owners, due to my credit history, might not.

In order to complete this skill and achieve this goal, I’ll need to know: the difference between kilowatts and kilowatt hours, joueles, power, energy, marketing principles and techniques, abilities, sales, energy, purchasing power, having jobs, the ability to not stop when things get tough.

Now, some rules of thumb:

  • I know I’m doing this whole thing right if I’m doing the top 20% of things consciously chosen out of a  set of tasks & doing what’s on the checklist for the day, whether it’s comfortable or not
  • If I’m physically, emotionally, and mentally comfortable all at the same time, I’m fucking things up–guaranteed.
  • If I’m watching PewDiePie, eating low-kWh foods, tensing, or ever not meditating for at least an hour a day, I’m screwed
  • For Step 1, if I’m not stretched or confused, I’m not learning a complex/useful enough skill–if I feel and visualize steam coming out of my ears, I’m going too hard in the paint (lol).
  • For Step 2, If I drink 10 gulps of distilled water after every pee, I’m doing well–anytime coffee, sugar, meat, or anything microwaved enters my body–orally or intravenously (lol)–I’ve screwed up… tension also means I’ve screwed up, whereas relaxation (almost to an uncomfortable level) means success
  • For Step 3, If I’m at home 99% of the time, I’ve screwed up; If I’m in the bar, food place, or speaking with another person about business for an hour a day
  • For Step 4, I’m doing it right  if after 100 hours of coding I’ve completed my Excel project and  I’m speaking to 10 people daily (10 days, 10 hours of coding, done 🙂 )
  • For Step 5, I’ve completed this when I’ve been able to see around me at five different days in time the walls of five different aparments–and have felt the paper and the smell of printer ink with my financial information slide across the desk.

So, with all this done, what have I learned? I.e. What behavior change I did I make?  I’ve learned (changed my behavior) in these ways:

  • I’m going to train myself (in all four quadrants of Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT teaching system) one new programming or marketing concept per hour of the 60-60-30–two hours may be used for intricate and complex topics–all:
    • When I’m at home, typing, making videos (YT, Vimeo)
    • When I’m in the process of making podcasts (SoundCloud, MixTape, BandCamp)
    • When I’m in the car, at businesses, or working at MPI Research
  • I’m going to get Rock to mentor me in the sales of my product to other businesses after I’ve coded for 100 hours
  • I’m going to do, on a daily basis, the seed exercise; it’s the exercise where I shoot an ideal version of myself (a version of myself who owns this 1,550 ft ^ 2 apartment with beige carpet, the new/fresh carpet smell, the deadbolt on the door, and the sliding glass door) up into the air, have it explode into millions of copies, have it rain down and have a million versions of this ideal self spring up)
  • I’m going to hold myself accountable ( to adding value to 3 mentors for 30 days; after this 30 days, I’m going to get these 3 mentors (in addition to StickK) to hold me accountable to adding value to 3 more mentors over the next 30 days, and then I’m going to have these 6 mentors plus StickK hold me accountable to adding value to another 3 mentors over the next 30 days.

Well, that’s all folks! This is my plan to achieve my 1,550 square-foot, new-smelling-beige-carpeted apartment with a sliding glass door and a deadbolt lock. May it be of use to you in your journey to achieve the same 🙂





Words that translate experience.


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