20 Hour Commitment

Tim Ferris learned the drums in 7 days. As the logical, transformative person I am, I submit to you my 20 hour self-image changing behavioral commitment:

I Create An “Auto Entry Into Excel” Program By 12/13/13 @ 7:45 PM ===After going to a series of settings–with the option to forever add a new variable to the mix–I need to see a box pop up with all the variables that I personally punch in every day–three times a day… or however many times I customize it to–and an audio needs to play with the text popup… After I submit each of these numbers automatically by pressing “enter” every time I type a number, a message will show the current chart in Excel in its own pop up window while actually submitting the numbers into a large data sheet–divided by month–in a series of charts that will automatically display to one screen on the nearest month if a click a button called “Open HQ Excel File”
I look forward to seeing a series of a complex and complete charts from data automatically gathered on a bi-daily basis 🙂


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