How Can I Feel Better At A Moments Notice? Smile With The Lips, Eyes, And Ears

Well, this one’s pretty obvious if you’re familiar with Tony Robbins or NLP. But whether you’re familiar with either the popular peak performance coach or the world-famous concept of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or not, it’s important to know and refresh yourself on this because you’ll end up losing out on your friends and family and success–not to mention an overall sense of control that comes with being able to dissolve grief and regret at a moment’s notice.

So, to start, we all know the stock depression state: The person’s slouched, frowning, thinking whiny, moaning thoughts in his head as he expresses feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Then, adjacent to the depressed state is the state of grief or regret: Feeling the loss of a tangible thing or an intangible feeling you get on a regular basis (in my case, this would be the loss of a job at Hooters.)

What’s interesting now, then, is that you don’t even need the rest of this blog post to solve a challeng of feeling better. To feel better, you’ve already recognized that you must eliminate the problem of feeling shitty: The position your body and facial muscles are in as well as the tone and feelings you intend through your nervous system.

But, to eliminate these, you may need an example. Let’s try this: Relax your facial muscles, all of them except for a smile. Now, let your tongue hang loosely out of your mouth as you now raise your eyebrows and eyes. Now, go “Wheebraayyhayynayy!” as you bend your forms at 90 degrees, one arm points up, the other points down at either side of you almost Egyptian style. Now, alternate the way each arm points, as you shift weight from foot to foot. As you do this “Wheebraayyhayynayy!” exercise, you can now experience sensations of power and humor 🙂

Prescription from the Non-Doctor: Do this before you approach a girl, before you check into your next job interview, before you speak with your girlfriend or boyfriend.


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