The 10 Fears Of Aaron Bell–PLUS: The 10 Questions To Destroy These Fears–PLUS: 1 Life Metaphor

Here are ten things I fear:

  1. Someone calling me gay–and believing it–How db to make people admire me for my caliber of women?
  2. Being gay — How db to be hetero?
  3. Not death (I welcome it, for it makes my life brighter by contrast) — How db to live brilliantly, epicly?
  4. Spiders I haven’t researched–in other words, brown recluses, yellow sacs, and black widows are okay with me — How db to always be able to research a spider on the spot, if I see one?
  5. My parents controlling me — How db to sever all parental control on my life?
  6. Someone disapproving of me — How db to focus entirely on something different than the approval levels of another person?
  7. Women rejecting me — How db to make myself so irresistible that she’d be a fool to permanently reject me?
  8. Bad posture — How db to have the perfect posture at all times?
  9. Wasting money–specifically on a business-like investment such as advertising — How db to make the best investment possible with my time and money at all times?
  10. Not having a problem wasting money with purposely wasting money — How db can I learn to waste money on business instead instead of on personal things, so that I may at least learn something that’ll make even more income?

Closing Thought: Some say that death is the shadow of life. Plausible. Sure. But I’m certain, in my mind, that life is the shadow of death.


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