I’m Spending Money On AdWords Like It’s Crack (101^)

Today’s like a bottle of champagne… and expensive but fun. If you’ve ever been interested in investing in an AdWords campaign, this is your chance to see some real-time results from a non-A player with Search Engine Marketing. 

My ultimate vision is to convert this $75 investment into $500, with some valuable lessons to boot. The only way this’ll happen is by actually forking up the dough, doing the research, and writing the ads.

I’ll review my old videos that I’ve tracked down, like those of Perry Marshall’s, to revamp my education on AdWords before I even begin my keyword research. This’ll provide me a reference base with which to model my investment off of.

So, by today I’ll have paid $75 for Google Adwords and web hosting (assuming I don’t just send the reader to another site). If I don’t do this, then you’ll never get the benefit of a better blog. If I do do this, you’ll get an outstanding blog post later tonight

Talk soon,
Aaron D. Bell


3 thoughts on “I’m Spending Money On AdWords Like It’s Crack (101^)

    1. My AdWords account had gotten suspended from a test campaign I did that I neglected to respond to. If you ever get a message from Google, handle it *immediately*.

      So yeah, I’m having issues with it atm. What’s the best advice that you’ve found from Perry’s book so far?

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