Blitzkrieged The eLance Proposal And The Swish Pattern (100^+)

I love blitzkrieging eLance as well as other shit that scares me. It’s really the only way to overcome your fears… the ONLY WAY. Also, if you’re interested in swish techniques and eLance proposals, this should interest you…

Because there’ll be a number of things you should know, like:

  • I’ve completed today’s challenge–eLance proposal submission + 7 swish patterns… Feel good knowing that your fellow brother kicked ass today in a very short period of time
  • The best eLance practice I’ve found… Maximize your profits and minimize your time leakage with this one simple source of eLance business…
  • The scariest shit I’ve yet to do… Get a taste of what’s to come on this blog (Going to 4th Coast)
  • The most absurd, most powerful habit change in the world… It’s all in your head (Swish Pattern after every workout)
  • How I’ve managed to workout for an hour a day 90% of the days for the past 180 days… Get rid of belly fat, develop an attractive posture, and kill the pussy with this one unique ritual that works better than any other I’ve found–and I’ve been running for the past four years (Powerful music and Tony’s Hour of Power audio)
  • The one personal development program you should listen to before doing anything else… This’ll save you 80% of your time with programs that just don’t work (Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins)

Believe Me, This’ll Save You A Hundred Hours Of Wasted Personal Development Time

Each of these have been applied by me (or will be applied by me soon). The firs thing I propose you do so that you can save yourself massive amounts of time (100’s of hours… literally speaking), I suggest you search the database for Tony’s Hour of Power workout audios, download it to your eyePod, and then lace up your shoes and put on your shorts (or vice versa) and step out for your first of Hour of Power.’

Forever Fat And Ugly? Or Forever Overwhelmingly Grateful And Joyous?

If you don’t do it, you’ll forever be fat and ugly–if only on the inside. If you do do it, you’ll find yourself in a wealth of overwhelming gratitude and joy for how much you can do in this world… So do it now!

Aaron D. Bell



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