I’ve Made A Mistake… eLance Continues (99^)

This blog’s about control. Or, more specifically, every single thing I’ve done on this blog has been to prevent other things from controlling me. Which is why I’ve deemed it unacceptable to make this many mistakes.

It’s not right to make mistakes for this long. I’ve committed to maximum growth and evolution so that I could control my life all this time, but it’s a terrible waste that I haven’t done what I needed to do all this time. For example.

  • To maximally control myself, I needed Setting commitments on StickK.com… EVERY DAY before 8:00 AM. Haven’t been doing that.
  • To maintain positive control over my reputation (vs. the specific elements and jobs I need to do within my reputation), I needed to work on James marketing letter for at least four hours longer than I did.
  • To maintain maximum control over my physical world, I needed to do the hour of power for the past two days. Haven’t done that.
  • To destroy the grip of social fear over my body, I needed to go door to door every single day for the past fifty days. Haven’t done that.
  • To control and maximize my instinctive reactions to the most common stimuli in my environment, I needed to the NLP swish pattern for at least the past thirty days… This one’s a big one that I missed that could’ve provided me with an outstanding leap ahead of most of the people in this world, in terms of progress.
  • To gain the ultimate respect and to prevent the fear of the world following me in a negative light from controlling me, I needed to contact one star mentor a day for the past three years. Haven’t done that.

So, to prevent more things from controlling me, I’m really going to go balls-to-the-wall here regarding our evolution on this blog (or my evolution, if you choose not to partake in this journey with me). I’m going to ask myself why I am doing this easy thing vs. some other hard thing. If the answer is “Because I am afraid,” then I must do that thing.

Specifically to start recovering from the mistakes such as those above, I’m going to prevent financial creditors from controlling me. To do this, I’m going to continue my past commitment with eLance by going through at least 20 different proposals to find some outstanding job opportunities to work for in the field of copywriting. It’s an outstanding opportunity if there are fewer than 20 proposals submitted for the job, if the budget’s over $1,000, not hourly, and requires copywriting experience.

In order to maximize my success for today, I’ll go for a workout with my new GPX mp3 player for an hour of power today at 8:00 AM, return, shower, eat, meditate, and swish pattern by 10:30 AM. With this base of good health practice, I’ll then have the energy to look through twenty different proposals on eLance, pulling any projects with the above parameters to my “Watch” list by 11:30 AM. Even if they’re not directly in my current skillset, I’ll still pull them out… because that’s probably where I’ll need to develop my expertise in the long run anyway. Then, between 11:30 AM and 12:30 AM I’ll research the top prospect on that list (including his feedback, his proposal, and any relevant information of his) to then send him a video that’s directly relevant to him.

And it will be glorious.

Thanks for listening, friend! You’re an amazing person.

Aaron D. Bell


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