Opening The Closet… Unleashing The Skeletons (98+)

Opening the closet… Unleashing the skeletons

All you need are two points  with which to draw a line of infinite scale. But so what if someone extends your shitty, faulty past as prediction of your future. Like Mom said: “You’re going to run yourself into a lot of debt, just like your brother” or “You’re just gonna keep on doing your Internet business thing, and you’ll never get out of the house” or (most importantly) “The next thing you know you’ll be living out in your car driving around with Austin, stealing his grandparent’s jewelry…”

I didn’t realize it until now, but this shit is useful. This is the opportunity to see to your dark side… the side of yourself that you don’t want to admit. It’s unhealthy to stay in this negative space for too long, but I’m supremely excited for these warnings that people like my mother give. It’s like the biggest red flag of my life for whenever something like excess credit card debt is going down.

The Gold Is In The Shadow… I Finally Get It Now

Your gold is in the shadow So, whenever someone yells at me, giving me these warning signs of extending my past behavior into my future, I write that shit down. I ask myself, “Okay, if this is what she’s saying… what she’s seeing… then it’s probably something so obvious to her that I can’t see quite clearly. What are some alternatives to avoid this credit card debt” or “what are some alternatives to avoid never getting out of the house and never making a profit” or “what are some alternatives to avoid living in my car or living with Austin.”

And when I ask these questions, I come up with pure gold. I come up with things I would’ve never realized before had I not been blatantly conscious of the shit storm that was brewing.

What The Fuck Are You Suggesting, Man?

Hmmm, what the fuck am I suggesting? I suggest that you look at even your most painful experiences in your life, even the most negative tone of voice you can think of, the most negative words, thoughts, body language, gestures, whatever, and ask yourself, “What if it was a gift?” Also, ask yourself, “How best can I use this information to best prepare myself for total victory in achieving my goals?

In other words, I propose that you feel grateful for that shitty experience you call your life. You’re under an amazing set of circumstances. This horrible life that may inspire thoughts of scrambling your brains with a bullet is a beautiful gift, because these extenuating circumstances gives you the pain necessary to propel you to action, to better your life.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Aaron D. Bell

P.S. If you don’t have a painful life, then I’m sorry for you. You’ll probably never reach your true potential.


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