1 High-Quality Proposal… Every Day… On eLance (98^)

Bollycock for eLance proposing.

When it comes to actually submitting proposals now… I feel kind of inferior.

After doing my first project with CityMove, I’ve come to the conclusion that real copywriting’s scary and needs a lot more attention and devotion to detail than I thought.

Which is why I must do more of it.

So, the challenge today (and for the next thirty days) is to devote my time and money toward submitting one super high quality proposal every day for thirty days. This will become a high-quality habit that I intend to continue for the rest of my life until I get a business that freaking sells PRODUCTS as opposed to services in the long run.

I’ll have a high-quality proposal (with a video included) by 6:30 AM today. Got it?

I’m gonna run up to Meijers and get a bunch of water, lettuce, and chocolate milk for the next hour, and I’ll submit proposals during the following two hours in a 60-60-30 format.

Talk soon.
Aaron D. Bell


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