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As a result of daily posts, I’ve:

  • Worked out for an hour and fifteen minutes every day for the past 90 days
  • Done some masculinity-inducing exercises that was no longer a habit
  • Worked a first job that others drooled over
  • Approached 175 women in 7 (8?) days
  • Contacted a man I admire more than anything for two hours of coaching
  • Learned more about my limits in life and my ability to make other people’s lives better
  • Recognized my dark side… some of which may or may not include homosexuality (ahem, I’m probably bisexual)
  • Gone to jail… (Learned more about myself there than just about anything else)
  • Learned that we literally control other people… BY ASSIGNING THEM AN IDENTITY IN OUR MIND–this one’s needs at least five hours of contemplation and meditation before the mind can understand this to the degree by which I’m talking about
  • Lived on my own
  • Systematically pushed the limit more and more each day

I was a goddamned idiot for making these non-daily. Maybe I just need to post in advance when I need a break from these, but it’s extremely useful to start writing posts based on fact and not based on lessons I think people should learn.

(Hold on. Allow me to pause the post here to propose a context for reading this.

I write every line here to drive in the point of “Why bloggers must report ‘I’ve done X, and then caused Y’ posts and NOT ‘7 Theories On Achieving Y’.” Please just understand that I scold myself here for (accidentally) misinforming you, my most valued reader. I’ve given you reports recently on shit that doesn’t matter. By giving you reports on “What I’ve learned from other programs” instead of giving you reports based on experiment-derived information.

So, with that framework, let’s roll! Let’s our dance of words, our plot of my words and your contemplation, begin!

Twerk it!)

So… why go back to what I hate? I HATE reading posts on the lessons that people learned… I want to read the posts where PEOPLE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING. I want to vomit anytime I see the “Here’s what you should to get more blog followers post.” They’re not doing any of the shit that they preach… and it’s plain as day if you’ll just look at the style of writing.

Where are the specific details on the swirling, particolored abyss of human emotion that’s locked away and indescribable to the human psyche until major trauma and discomfort has been experienced? No matter how hard they try (though, to be fair, they’re not trying to express how hard it was for them to do it), they just simply don’t know what REALLY is involved.

They don’t know the REAL PAIN that’s involved… and REAL PAIN, the pain that you experience by ACTUALLY DOING IT is what you must endure to complete almost any task worth completing. For example, would you consider that knocking on doors to develop your sales confidence or contacting Morgan Freeman or going to a MeetUp group to meet with like-minded people would be an excellent thing to have in your repertoire of experiences?  Almost certainly (though some people might disagree with the knocking on doors part).  But if Joe Doe or Sally Sundry comes along giving me a five-step system for contacting Morgan Freeman or knocking on doors and she hasn’t done it… she’s not going to give me THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION SHE CAN POSSIBLY GIVE ME: THE AWARENESS OF THE PAIN INVOLVED AND HOW TO SHORT-CIRCUIT IT.

In fact, this is so important, it should be a goddamned study in and of itself. There needs to be an infinite repertoire of tools to overcome that fricken’ adrenaline rush of cortisol-laced disease called (prolonged) discomfort. In the interim, until I write more about this, here’s what I have going: Everything that Tony Robbins teaches in his seminars.

Seriously, Tony Robbins has just about everything necessary to doing shit that we don’t want to do. When I first started drafting this post, I had intended on giving a list of all the things I’ve done, but it went something like this:

  • Start each day runni–Oh wait, that’s Tony’s “Change your physiology”… Hmm, how about
  • Medita–Nope, that involves changing breathing and focus, which clearly are part of Tony’s materials… Hmmm, what about the question of
  • “What would happen if I didn’t do th–” Oh, still changing focus here… Hmmm


Anyway, the point of this post is just to explain why I’m getting back into things.

From now on, you’ll see my daily challenge to myself when I wake up (whenever that is) and a daily finale. There’ll be no weekly shit, because that clearly does not work… for anyone, much less me. If we’re doing something daily, then my Unconscious simply says “Fuck it.”

Lez go!

Today’s challenge, by the way, is to: Take notes on Tested Advertising Methods for four hours and and then write copy for my copywriting business for two hours today. I complete this in the format of 60-60-30’s that I must record and prepare for by asking “What db is my ultimate vision for these fifty minutes of work?” This must all be completed by 7:00 A.M. because I’m to visit Craig VanDyke at

Furthermore, I must totally “Quit my parents.” Right now, I currently live with my parents in the basement with $1,800 in credit card debt. My parents currently can come down at any point that they like and set off certain negative emotional triggers (much like with how my father triggered certain anxieties and tensions when he entered my room with my mother). I currently have immerse myself in the worlds of PewDiePie and Cryaotic and the games they play so that I can escape this fact.

Need to stop doing this… I officially have quit my parents. I decide now that it’s enough and I forever dedicate myself to the pursuits of Richard Branson, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, Neil Strauss, Timothy Ferriss, Bill Gates… Everything second of my life must happen within the worlds of these people.

Then, finally, today’s the last chance to pay off my American Express card without penalty… I don’t have the money yet. I must contact American Express today and let them know I’m in touch.

Yeah… if only I would’ve kept on writing these blog posts & pushed myself further and further with each post…

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m not really going to do anything fancy with these posts… I’m really going to focus on the content of the posts from now on. I’m not going to devote a lot of willpower to fancying it up. Hopefully the intention will shine through the shitty formatting… because I know that things need to look really nice nowadays.

I’ll talk to you at at 11:00 PM on the mark tomorrow (i.e. 12 hours from now!)


Aaron Bell


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