The Answer to How To Sell Pop Rocks–Inside

Happy Saturday from the Midwest, U.S.!

Good friend, there’s something you should know. I’m on a quest to find something worthy for this blog. The “thing” needs to stretch my limits and create a new bar for me to achieve emotionally. Perhaps I may need a mentor to help me out here, but I think I might be able to solve this challenge on my own. But what the fuck can I do here? Vitaly goes around saying “Brah. Braah. Do you even lift?Other people touch a thousand Russian breasts. Some horny howitzers sarge the local bars and clubs and spit robot game (i.e. Mystery Method game). Other people call tough medical sales accounts every day . All-in-all, it just seems that some people have more balls than I do–I’ve been slacking lately!

Time to change that.

People want the most for themselves with the least effort possible. I know that my brain searches for the easiest way to do something at any given moment, so what stops someone else from doing the same? Needless to say, a StickK that says…

  • “You will contact 10 people by phone about copywriting services” or
  • “You will talk with 30 women today” or
  • “You will submit 40 proposals on eLance today” or
  • “You will go knock on 20 people’s doors with at least 2 cars in the driveway to ask them about what their greatest fears or frustrations are”…

…Any StickK like these can only develop the quality of a person’s life… and the size of his or her balls.

I can see how committing to doing something like 2 hours of keyword research would be a totally action toward achieving ANY of my top 3 specific goals (and top 3 objectives for these goals). Yet, I can’t help but believe that all truly uncomfortable things must involve another person. It must involve a physical interaction with another person (i.e. no online interactions). Because it’s only in the physical realm that all three areas must be systematically and completely aligned in order to be congruent with another person (and therefore avoid embarrassment). I.e. The other person must recognize that I’m totally passionate about Pop Rocks candy and know what Pop Rocks candy is made of (as well as show the other person that I’m actually eating the pop rocks as the person talks with me) if I’m to actually sell a certain man or woman a pack of pop rocks.

Everything intellectual and online must escape from my (major) commitments that count toward this blog. Because it’s only through people, anyway, that an entrepreneur’s revenue can increase. So, without further ado, here are are the commitments that I’ve made via I’ve linked each of these except one to its respective StickK web page. If there’s an X, it means I’ve completed it already.

With these commitments made (and some, like the MeetUps, complete) I bid you to take a look at your recent activities. Doing isolated preparation and online marketing is a necessary action, necessary enough to make habit. But, how many of your projects involve actual people? If it’s less than 25%m and especially if it’s less than 10%, then that’s something you should take a look at and act immediately to increase.

See you next week 😉

The Ravin’ Maven
Disciple of The Written Word
Aaron D. Bell


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