(88^+ & 89^+) Instead of a Bi-Daily Blog Post…

Near the Kalamazoo River

You’ll now receive updates on my life in a weekly format. Though I was inclined to make it bi-weekly due to my prolific nature, I’ve realized that the creative process requires time. And time is exactly what’s missing in a bi-daily post (or even a bi-weekly post). Thus, my decision in making this a weekly thing.

It’s not okay to be sad about this. In fact, you’ll should be thrilled. Every sentence will be scrupulously edited as the calculated man might the hooha of a whore.

I’ll see you next week friend 🙂 You can find my daily challenges on StickK.com (just go to StickK.com and search for “DoItNowAaron”–I’m having a hard time finding an exact link to my profile).

Let me know if you agree or disagree with this post 😉

Aaron D. Bell


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