(87^) It’s Because I Don’t WANT To Do It That I MUST

Near the Kalamazoo River

I really feel this way. Ever since the day before yesterday, I mean. Because changing your values at the deepest core of your being really does that to you.

The killer report that talks about this is still en route. it’s over 1,800 words long… it’s a monster when you consider that i’m actually editing it. Editing is a fun, comprehensive process that takes a while. So give me a break, eh? 🙂

Anyway, the reason I titled this blog post such is because I really desire to make my social life balance with m y work life–even if it costs me a little bit in terms of debt. Without a social life balancing the work life, my social dullness (i.e. from lack of social sharpening that comes from interacting with people, cold) might shine through in my writing.

We wouldn’t want that, so I’m doing Day 2 of Rules of the Game. 
Rules of the Game, 
it turns out, is something that I’ve already mostly completed. But as with most things, we must use it or lose it, and I’m working on reawakening some of the stuff that’s gone dormant within me via Neil Strauss’s process here, vs. just doing my own thing.

So it goes, I also have a duty to hone my professional skills as a copywriter, so I’ll go out and do the task between 8:45 and 11:00 P.M. This allows me to also put in a task of two 60-60-30’s on the Gary Halbert Copywriting Training that i found and YouTube videos on such topic. Also, Day 2’s a bit easier than normal, but I still haven’t mastered the “observing her eye color part” because I don’t normally pay attention to details like that, so this’ll be fun.

I’ll come back soon with an update on today in addition to the killer report, which I’ll just publish in PDF format due to its length.

Aaron D. Bell



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