(83+) Video Editing Takes TIme

Near the Kalamazoo River

I think it’s a good idea to fuck up the first time, because it gives you the chance to NEVER fuck up again. To illustrate this, we can take my commitment to make a complete video on a topic around Internet Marketing by 6:15 PM or else pay $49 to a friend of mine, Enache.

The PowerPoint video is STILL processing.

I have a guiding policy where I can click accept as long as 80% of the agreement is held. This allows me to remain flexible in the case that something comes up while preserving the integrity of the agreement. Though I could be  hard-ass about this, I simply think that being a 100% perfectionist goes against my character. I’m really a flexible guy.

As the wheel of time rolls, I won’t have a choice but to find out what the consequences of this decision bring me. What’ll probably happen is that some key issue will not be met–but it’ll technically be part of that 20% that I allow to slide by. If I don’t follow through and build the habit of 100% accountability here soon, that’s what’ll probably happen.

I can at least say that it was my choice to make it this way, though.

Aaron D. Bell


7 thoughts on “(83+) Video Editing Takes TIme

  1. Dude! take the approach of many Internet Marketers. Just make the fucking video and don’t edit ANYTHING!

    Your 1st 50 videos will suck!

    But after you will rock at Video marketing, no editing and you will be making videos and profiting almost in medially.

    1. Mariano, I feel that this is the best piece of wisdom that I’ve EVER received from a comment. Thanks for giving suggesting this!

      I watched your video, “How To Build An Online Business From Scratch in 2013.” I really value how explained why doing social media first is a good idea. You only briefly mentioned the “why,” but it was really influential for me. You give this reason, “You need to learn how to talk to people first.”

      Needless to say I laughed, too, when you said “… Or if you don’t have hands.”

      Thanks for reading my blog and becoming a follower! I’m gonna go talk to a lot of people on Twitter about copywriting and video marketing now 🙂

  2. hahaha right on bro!

    Go and make it happen man 🙂

    My 1st YouTube channel was BANNED ..
    But anyhow.. that another story..

    ..my point is .. if you see the videos I made 2 years ago!
    They SUCK!
    (too bad that you-tube channel is gone or you’ll be laughing your ass off..

    So just get them out.
    People actually buy stuff from videos that suck!

    I guess is because, its authentic and some people will identify with your personality.


    1. … You… Are… AWESOME! Hahaha ever since your first comment, Mariano, my videos have FLOWED.

      The “Invisible Donkey” effect–the effect where I think I’m a jackass but no one else does–vanished into thin air.

      And it’s thanks to you! Though, to be fair, only partly.

      Seriously, Mariano, (can I call you “Mar” for short?… haha) when I heard that your 1st YouTube channel was BANNED ..
      I just let go and started recording. And that was all it took to make some of the best (amateur) content I’ve ever seen on copywriting, if I may say so myself.

      You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5AxXaRDZxw

      If banning’s the worst that could happen… then fuck it, right?

      I really appreciate this comment, Mar (Mariano, in case you got mad!). It’s people like you who make my day and who push me when the times get tough… Like during the times when I’m doing one of these f***ing challenges hahaha!

      Thanks so much, man. You have an awesome night!

      1. Hey bro!

        I was off for while.. well. I’m glad the strategy is working.

        Quick TIP.

        When you make some money.. buy a big ass hard drive and back up all the videos in case YouTube shuts down your channel.


        Buy the Pro plan on Vimeo.
        If you buy this plan you can say whatever the fuck you want and no one will be able to complain.


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