(82+) Clunky Cluttered Mess Ruins Everything

Near the Kalamazoo River

Not that I didn’t complete today’s task or anything. But I didn’t complete today’s task… NEARLY as well as I wanted to. Because it was weird.

For example, I was having to find the original 7 Steps to Freedom PLUS I had recently discovered a download link for How to Write a Good Ad. It was all very (essentially) distracting stuff. Also, I had my impending doom on the thirteenth (credit card debt…) on the the backburner of my mind, so, all in all, this was a day filled with high points and low points.

Time to step it up a notch…

So it goes, even though this post concludes the day (yes!), I’ve decided that it’s in my best interest to get every. Fucking. Detail on paper that I want to have happen. Because if specificity is how you get a person to do something you want them to do, then it’s critically important that I use specificity for getting ME to do what me wants me to do.

Specifically, I’m going to rest for precisely thirty minutes after I publish this blog post, and then I’ll do a 60-60-30 where I do nothing but elaborate my goals and define EVERYTHING I want in hardcore, specific details. For example, Joe Karbo, in his book The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches, has a checklist of things to do with your goals. Specifically (I love specifics), he asks/says:

Is it expressed in total detail? (Not a big new car; not a big, new $35,000
car; not a big, fancy Mercedes; instead: a brand new, black Mercedes,
Model 380SLC with ____ listing every detail as though you had to depend
on this description alone after giving the company your cash!) … or
anything else. (If it’s a house, make it exact in the same degree of detail.)

His entire book evolved my thinking. Which blows my mind, because he’s totally evolved Think & Grow Rich to a new level. Napoleon HIll set the foundation, I believe, but Joe Karbo freaking blows Napoleon Hill’s philosophy beyond proportion with this level of “getting you to do it” ability. To be specific (yes!), I actually intended to just skim this book for the juicy details, but every single word pulls me in! 

He’s so talented a writer, ever word he writes is like opening up my skull and sliding my exposed brain up a pole of orgasm. Seminal’s a word that only barely describes it.

They say the person with the strongest frame controls the interaction. What is a frame but a really specific, detailed picture of how things need to be? With that being the case, I’m really excited to get started on doing this. I may even go as far as memorizing every word of this list.

You’ll be hearing about this with tomorrow’s launch. Especially because I’ll probably included this blog as a part of what I go into detail about.

Aaron Bell


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