(82^) Cultivating This Laziness Guarantees Wealth

Near the Kalamazoo river

I’m lazy.

Not lazy in the usual sense like you might think with couch potatoes and gamer dudes. No. I’m talking about lazy in that I’m for using 1% of one hundred people instead of 100% of my own effort to make something happen, even if it only saves me 5% of the effort because of communication requirements.

So, because I’m lazy, I’ll be chilling out at Panera studying advertising books until the sun comes down. Or until the store closes. During this time, I’ll have anywhere between one and five people come see me during this time.

It’s gonna be biblical when I have thirty assistants all over Kalamazoo doing my dirty work–muahaha! Even though the dirty work is totally an honorable thing to do in and of itself, if only because someone else feels a sense of satisfaction from doing this dirty work very well.

So it goes, today’s task is the following:

  • Do two the accelerated learning sessions (which I published on SoundCloud last night) with The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches and Break-Through Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz.
  • Optionally, Photoread and activate (ALS) Ben Suarez’s pamphlet called 7-Steps To Freedom, which is a reall powerful read. I’ve already skimmed over it once, and there are some really unique ideas to contemplate regarding your copywriting career.

Before I sign off, I want to share something that I learned from The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert. The thing I want to share is that we can succeed best by offering people what they already want to buy. And to find out what people already want to buy, we just need to observe. Observe Google data. Observe list books. Observe “SRDS”, which I don’t know exactly what it is, but Gary recommends it. Observe sold listings on eBay. Observe best-selling items on Amazon and other outlets like Etsy.

Really does seem kind of simple when you think about, doesn’t it?

Onward, my friend!

Aaron D. Bell
The Ravin’ Maven
of DIscomfort


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