(81^+) Accelerated Learning Audio Free Download | New Headline Punctuation

Today: Two “60-60-30 solutions” (credit: Eben Pagan) to completing two “accelerated learning” sessions. The 60-60-30 solution, if you’re not familiar, consists of two sixty-minute sessions “it’s on”-quality focus followed by a thirty-minute session of pure relaxation. It’s highly effective for getting things done.

I’ve already completed this today with mucho gusto, much pleasure, but I didn’t blog about it, so I’m choosing to do two more 60-60-30’s before tonight’s end. It’ll be fun.

Also, from now on, these posts will have the following punctuation:

  • # = Task Number
  • ^ = Task Launch
  • + Task Completed
  • ! = Holy Fuck

And, as promised, here’s the audio that I listen to that keeps me EXTREMELY focused on whatever I’m learning at the moment. I used this for memorizing openers with much success. Some experiments will be designed around this to ensure it’s effectiveness with other people besides me.

That’s it for today. I’ll update you before I pass out on the two 60-60-30 with the above punctuation, bro!

Your bro,



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