Task 80 Landed: What I think about Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert… I’ll get to him more in a minute.

First, let’s talk about his process. His PROCESS is genius. His PROCESS needs to be modeled for other areas, such as learning the guitar. His PROCESS needs to be applied to everything from Math to History to English to whatever… because it WORKS.

Second, about the Getting Things Done process being applied to women thing: It needs to happen. If you treat women, say, as a project called “Womenology,” and you have ten different subprojects representing ten different women–with each woman having a similar set of WELL DEFINED NEXT ACTIONS (next actions that, for example, “flip preselection switch” or “flip ‘leader of men’ switch”)… it could be really useful to have an ORGANIZED SYSTEM almost doing it for you, wouldn’t it?

My opinion is yes, it definitely would. Especially if you understand the Getting Things Done system, even if only on a superficial level.

For real, when it thought about pickup (or eduction, as I now call it) in the frame of Getting Things Done, it immediately alleviated 80% of my anxiety. Sure, it’s not all of my anxiety, but it’s a fucking hell of a lot less than what it used to be.

Shit, if I had to name one killer of possible relationships, it’s not defining what the fuck you’re supposed to do with the women. To illustrate this, I was sitting at the probation office (from when I punched my brother), and sitting there was an attractive young woman (not too attractive though; she was fairly plump). I keep distracting myself from the male-female dynamic that’s going on here, partly in necessity, because I’m trying not to associate the dude next to me with this man that I sat next to when I went to jail for a weekend. Jesus, that dude frightened me. Whatever.

Anyway, there was the huge cloud of obscurity, of general feelings of where to go next. It was just vague as I awaited Officer VanDyke to come out and call my name. Long story short, I was like “Fuck, what to do now? What to do… OH. Treat this like a PROJECT, Aaron! So, if she’s the project, what’s the question to ask, Aaron? Ahhh yes! It’s ‘What best is the next physical action?’ You got it! Now, the answer is very clearly to say ‘Hi’ to her, so do it!”

Seriously, that’s what I did. I wrote down on a scrap sheet the words “Girl over there.” Then, I asked myself “What best is the next physical action?” And I wrote down the words “Say ‘Hi.'” How complicated, bro…

Anyway, that simple act just cleared away 80% of the anxiety, like I said before. After doing that, I had such a clarity about what to do. I was no longer wrestling with the question “What should I do?” That question has been answered once and for all (for this situation). Having done that now, I had freed up the willpower to follow through and just say “Hi.”

Nothing came out of that situation, but I got farther than usual–as far as everyday circumstances are concerned. It was a beautiful revelation that will affect my time with people forever more. Perhaps my friendships will deepen, too, as a result.

So, yeah, that’s the deal so far with GTD for Pussy. If you’re not familiar with the GTD philosophy, then I highly recommend that you read it–in the same reading session as you read The 4-Hour Workweek. You will literally drown in a sea of collected tasks if you do not “Pareto the shit out of it.”

Oh, for Gary Halbert training, it’s awesome. I did the two 60-60-30’s beyond better than expected. Knowing advertising is my business. And I’m definitely in business.


For my opinion on Gary Halbert, he’s a scientific, megalomaniacal, conceited, intelligent ass who deserves every commendation this planet has to give! I love him. He’s my bro… in the heavens.

That’s all for today bro! We’ll talk soon again sometime, bro.

Your favorite bro,



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