Task 79 Completed: You MUST Apply 80/20 to Getting Things Done

There are 201 items in my collection box. These are items that are left. That doesn’t even include the physical items in my house.

It took me twenty minutes of a fifty minute session to just TYPE that from my list. That means you’re NOT going to “process” that many items in any reasonable amount of time.

Which is why I recommend recording an audio like “What best are the .8% of these that create 1,280% of the value?” to focus your thinking and bold the items that you REALLY need to focus on. By doing that I was able to highlight exactly what I needed to get clarity on… and then get clarity on each of them.

By getting clarity on just the most important items on my list, I now have the ability to let myself go mindless at times AND still do the highest value things possible.

It’s amazing.

Anyway, I have an idea for you that will rock your world–it involves applying Getting Things Done to your Game.

Talk soon, bro,

Yours truly,



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