Task 77 Launch: Don’t Wanna Write Copy Anymooore! Waaah!

God dammit.

It’s like “Hell Week” for copywriters–it takes sooo much goddamned time just to get the fucking advertisements handwritten. It seems like something that can be done by typing it out on a computer.

Then again, though, the benefit of imprinting the ad into my mind could disappear and vanish. The effects of handwriting it down seem to be way more pervasive than it automated, computer counterpart.

Oh well. Time to take the long hard road to copywriting purgatory, where I can at least have the chance to meet copywriting heaven.

It makes sense, though, because that fascinating action-reaction law physicists rave so much about. If we put in a lot of time into the training and developing our Unconscious Mind-Body the right way, then our Unconscious Mind-Body will probably give us a lot back.

So let’s do it. I hereby commit to doing another two 60-60-30 solutions into handwriting advertisements that Gary suggest–if just precisely for the fact that I don’t want to do it right now muahahaha!

Let’s get cracking. The deadline for these two 60-60-30 solutions is today at 8:35 AM.

Talk to you after then 🙂

Your Bro,



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