[LATE] Task 76 Launch (MUCH Money In Weird Places!)

You’ll never believe it.

I could justify myself for hours and hours, but you wouldn’t agree with my decisions anyway. At least not until you see the results.

Here are the costs that have happened so far regarding education:

  • $97.97 worth of Venusian-Arts Revelation by Mystery*
  • $59.97 for Collection of Confidence
  • $12.45 for Sphinx of Imagination
  • $103.23 for Coaching with Eric von Sydow
  • $53.23 for Being Stupid

Because here’s what’s happened so far, and what WILL be happening within 24 hours:

  • $49.97 for a StickK cost regarding Distractions
  • $149.97 for a StickK cost regarding Health


Anyway, there are some serious lessons to learn from these costs. I’m gladly paying them because they’re saving me a LOT of pain in the future.

Sorry for the late post btw.

Also, the challenge was to listen to Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek today before investing in some Google advertising. I completed it somehow before passing out yesterday.

Seriously, I need to start managing my energy levels more.

Your Brother,



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