Task 75 Completed (News-Flash! I’m Not The Best Blogger… ;.; )

Not everything can go the way we want it to.

At least not with the way I’ve been doing things.

Lately, I’ve been clocking in some major hours with people who don’t resonate with my future. Whether it be PewDiePie, random people on YouTube, or certain close friends who have developed their wealth mindset… but who haven’t achieved it yet–well, I’m just not doing the smart the thing by investing such time with ANY of those things.

Even a few hours could be enough to screw up everything that I’ve been working on.

Anyway, today’s task of four hours of copywriting was complete, though I WAS ten minutes past the deadline.

Also, I didn’t complete the Hour of Power and the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine for TODAY because I justified taking a break with “My body needs to rest,” which it probably does. Either way, I’ve violated the commitment. I’m just wondering if the violation constitutes such a large payment. We’ll see how the next few days go–I might just have to cough up the dough, despite the rest being better for my body.

When Eric and I talk, maybe then we can get an objective opinion on what to do. I don’t trust my brain to make accurate decisions with this now, because my brain will do whatever it takes to avoid the pain–covering up the truth in the process.

You may have heard it as “Self-Deception” or “Confabulation.” Whatever you call it, we can simply boil it down to lying to ourselves.

And that’s something I don’t want to do. My goal is to connect a polygraph my inner self and ask him some hard questions–like “Have we done what’s REALLY in our best interests?” The answer, then, will determine whether or not I pay that fee.

If anything, we’ll make paying that fee a challenge for the day.

Converse tomorrow, friend?

Your Bro,



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